Musical Monday – Calm Down and Come Back

Posted by SaraG on March 2, 2020


Kpop has blown up in the US. We’re overwhelmed by tour announcements and the availability of content made or subbed in English flooding our notifications every day. Promoters have finally found new markets for tours and new venues for shows – Denver is on the map, Raliegh actually exists. I feel both validated as a fan and wonderfully financially devastated all at the same time. In January we got Vanner and the flood gates were opened – CIX, M.O.N.T., MX, and then Ravi all announced stops in the Mile High City for the first half of the year and I’m snapping up tickets as soon as they’re made available. 

But just because the show is announced or you have your tickets in hand doesn’t mean the experience is going to come to fruition. Vanner was a success, but M.O.N.T, faced with some scheduling conflicts, chose LA over our great state. CIX was only two weeks away and we all had our P1s ready to go when they broke the news that the tour would be postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19. Tours are still being announced, but others are being canceled almost as quickly due to the threat of a global pandemic. With a Level 3 Travel Advisory for South Korea, coming to the US to perform has grown exponentially more complicated and I can only imagine that we will see more and more companies shelling out refunds as they post those sad, translated messages on Instagram and Facebook letting us know that we won’t be getting those high touches and crowd-pleasing stages. 

I don’t blame them. I mean, better safe than sorry and all that, but as responding to outbreaks and pandemics is my actual job and my workload has increased significantly in the last couple of weeks, it’s really annoying that I’m also losing the thing that brings me delight and stress relief. Youtube is great and all, but there’s nothing like being two rows back from the stage and watching those magical creatures perform their hearts out. Sometimes looking forward to a show is the thing that gets me through the workday.

As responsible public health emergency responders, we’ve been watching the epi curve for the illness in China and it’s definitely been on the decline, but now that it’s in many, many other countries we are trying to figure out when we will see a global peak and when things will start to get back to normal – or get to a new normal where we have a flu/COVID season every year and it’s just another illness people refuse to get a vaccine for. My fingers are crossed that this decline will occur sooner than anticipated and that we put a halt to all of these cancellations and postponements. You see, I really, most definitely, want to see Ravi in May. I want to know how he handles all of the features on his new album when performing on a live stage, I want to know if he’s bringing Xydo (please, please please) with him, and I want to see him strut around at altitude and gracefully handle the limited O2 we have to offer. 

The teasers and MVs for the album have been fantastic and I just can’t imagine the styling he’ll be pulling out. Ravi isn’t my fav rapper, but he’s a hell of a performer, a wicked clever artist, and a joy on the stage. If COVID ruins this for Denver, I’m going to have to think about a new career path. 

Lo-Fi, Ravi (feat. Sik-K)

Goddess, Ravi (feat. Xydo)

ROCKSTAR, Ravi (feat. Paloalto)

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