Kingdom 2: The Countdown Is Officially On!

Posted by Stephanie on March 3, 2020


Ten days! We have ten days, people! This is not a drill, its coming! Zombies are coming! Hot guys with swords are coming! Answers are coming!

Who am I kidding? More, bigger questions are coming, until the very end of the last episode and we get hit with another cliffhanger. But do we care? No! Because Kingdom Season 2 is almost here.

Are you as excited about this as I am? I know it seems like I’m dragging this out, but I can’t tell you the last time I was THIS excited for a show premier. So excited to the point where we’re already planning snacks for our Kingdom binge. I’m so excited and or terrified I’m crocheting myself a scary movie blanket, an afghan that I can wear over my head during the scary parts, keeping me safe under my blanket while I watch through the tiny holes.

Don’t judge me. We all have our little things.

The show is officially premiering on Friday the thirteenth, but my guess is we’re going to binge it the Saturday after. Its what we did last time and 1) why mess with perfection and 2) following tradition is a good omen. What happens if the show isn’t as good simply because we watch after a crappy day at work? Would you be willing to chance it? I’m not.

As we’re getting closer and closer, more things are getting released in order to whet our appetites. While we recorded the podcast, instead of doing song of the day, we watched an unseen trailer:

Take away from this? Queen has her baby and is squatting on the throne, which means it’s going to be a bitch to get her off. It’s not like there were things like paternity tests back then. Someone of a high enough ranking is going to have to be brave enough, and have enough undeniable proof of her scheme. I’m wondering if her baby is the bodyguard’s wife’s, as in she was killed in the line of being protected. This would, of course, tug on everyone’s heartstrings and is the obvious way to go. The other thing that could be done is she does survive and is the one who is instrumental in bringing down the queen. I mean, someone has to do it why not one of the women who was a potential target and cared for the women around her?

What’s up with the people cutting their arms and letting it drip down on the zombies? Could they be carriers for the cure? Can there be a real cure for this? These people are essentially dead. Or is the cure allowing them to die for realz? Ie, rest in peace little zombies, RIP.

There is a whole lot of daylight zombie-ing going on. I worry when these people are going to sleep.

We also now have some new character posters (did we get all this stuff before season one?)

“I must block it.

“I will definitely find it.

“This land was mine to begin with.”

“Can you not trust me?”

“I will definitely take revenge.”

“Please save me.”

“It must be revealed.”

“We must birth new blood that will carry on the line.”

“I will follow His Highness.”

“This land belongs to His Highness.”

“Nommm Brainz…”

With a week and a half left to go, I wonder if we’re going to get any more goodies before the premiere date? What else could they do? Another teaser? I hope not, I’d hate for something good to be spoiled.

It’s a perfect time for us to be locked in our houses for long periods of alone time, how many of us will be using it to catch up/binge dramas?


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