Early Release Day!

Posted by Stephanie on March 4, 2020


With Coronavirus sweeping the globe, canceling tours, postponing tv shows, making it impossible to buy a roll of toilet paper, we’re not really getting a lot of bright spots out there. We’re simply hunkered down bracing ourselves for what the news seems to think is our inevitable doom. (It’s not, wash your hands.) Then today, a tiny ray of sunshine. Both CNBLUE’s Minhyuk and Jung Shin are being released from their military service early!

And yes, it’s because of the Coronavirus.

Though, I should probably clarify. While the guy’s release date isn’t changing, they do not have to go back to their bases again. How did this happen, you ask? Good question! Turns out, sometimes before they finish their military service are sent off for their last vacation time (they are allowed scheduled stints out). Like a last hurrah before their final push. However, when you have a scheduled leave right in the middle of a medical crisis, maybe it’s not such a great idea to go back to the bunks when you’re done where you could potentially infect the rest of your squadron. So officially, they are just not welcomed back from leave.

Woah. Innnnteresting. Can you imagine that, getting that call? “Good news guys, you get to go home. Bad news? We don’t want you back.”

This puts them in an interesting bit of limbo. While they are free to stay home, I’m not certain, since there are such strict rules about doing side jobs or promoting while in the military, if they would actually be able to be out and about professionally until their full term is over. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. With much of South Korea on lockdown right now, even BTS cancelling their Seoul concerts, its not like there is really much outside work for them to do. Not to mention, most of these guys, with a few notable exceptions (Lee Seung Gi, Junsu) take a little bit of time to rest and reacclimate to civilian life before jumping back into their schedules.

This is probably a pretty good time for them to sit back, have some long chats with Yonghwa and their management company and decide what their next steps should be.

Anyway, congrats guys! Its good to have you almost back!

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