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Posted by Stephanie on March 7, 2020

KPop School

Stephanie: What up, new boy of the night!


SaraG: Please introduce yourself to Keonhee. 

Stephanie: Sup, Keonhee, I’m Stephanie and Sara assures me we are going to be friends.

SaraG: Very good friends. Keonhee – real name Lee Keonhee is a main vocalist in ONEUS.

Stephanie: He kept his real name? Awwww. I always like that.

SaraG: He did! 

Stephanie: Keonhee, tall one NOT Kwanghee.

SaraG: NOT Kwanghee, Keonhee. 

Stephanie: Pronounced Kawnhee or Kone-hee?

SaraG: More like the latter. He’s the tall one you always call every other name…He’s 5’11”. He doesn’t tower over everyone, but he’s def taller. He’s got two sisters and one of them is the singer in a band for her school. She appeared on an episode of one of their reality things…

SaraG: He loves art, making it and trying to find a deeper meaning in it. But don’t let this fool you, he isn’t serious. I have had several people tell me that on first impression he reminds them of TOP…he is far from TOP. Way sillier. Innately happy feeling.

Stephanie: Faux-top? TOP lite?

SaraG: Nah…let’s not sell him short. He’s not trying to be TOP nor is he emulating him at all…He’s just himself and he happens to like art and have a resting serious face but he’s a little bubbly joy. 


SaraG: He plays the piano. You’ll note pretty quickly that he has braces on his bottom teeth…that’s a quick identifier at least for now. 

Stephanie: Bottom braces? Turns out that’s swoony. 


Stephanie: Laugh, “the sofa is not your bed.” He’s my sort of person. 

SaraG: On top of his braces, he also has a lisp. It makes him super fun to listen to when he’s speaking. 

Stephanie: I do like a cute speech impediment.

SaraG: Speaking of speaking, he speaks English and Japanese as well. Good at languages. 

Stephanie: That will be handy for future world domination plans

SaraG: As with all of them, he’s a fab dancer

Stephanie: Is there a bad one?

SaraG: Nope…not in this group. 

Stephanie: How many main dancers do they have?

SaraG: Here’s a cool dance cover they do.

Stephanie: That’s the REAL tell.

SaraG: Heh. I think I showed this to you before…the Kingsman…but like a million years ago. They did it when Ravn was on break.

Stephanie: I remember this! You did it for musical Monday.

SaraG: Good memory!

Stephanie: Man, idols in sharp suits are always eye-catching, doesn’t even have to be outrageous suits, a nice pinstripe will do.

SaraG: Keonhee was on Produce 101 and actually made it to 33 which is super impressive. 

Stephanie: That is impressive out of, I’m assuming 101.

SaraG: He’s personable…makes a lot of friends. He’s tight with Donghun from MXM/AB6ix

Stephanie: Well, everyone wants to be friends with the tall, cute one. It’s a biological imperative.

SaraG: I’d say his most distinctive feature, besides his glowing personality, is his mouth. He has a really interesting mouth shape. 

SaraG: Very pouty.

Stephanie: I imagine that’s helped by the braces. Impressive puffiness there.

SaraG: He has a special talent, it’s special.

Stephanie: Pouting?

SaraG: Are you ready?

SaraG: Watch the whole thing…it gets better.

Stephanie: HAHAHAHA love how he cooly eats them in the end. And in all of these clips, ATEEZ has been very excited to eat the food.

SaraG: That’s all ATEEZ does. Men after my own heart.

Stephanie: I will ask what the hell sort of pants is Hongjoong wearing??

SaraG: Keonhee has often been compared to Yunho from ATEEZ…and Lee Dong Wook.

Stephanie: Does he cry easily? No? Then not Lee Dong Wook.

SaraG: I haven’t…asked, I don’t want to see him cry…. unless it’s from happiness.

Stephanie: I do enjoy a good happy idol cry at an awards show… or at the end of a concert tour.

SaraG: What Keonhee likes is eating. He eats the most in the group.

Stephanie: How is he with carrots?

SaraG: I believe he may have BEEN the carrot in that veggie dance cover.

Stephanie: HAHAHHAHAHHAHA, well that’s fucking adorable. 

SaraG: When they first met him, the other members thought he was super formal and still because of his name and he was in his school uniform. He made them nervous, when he’s really excited, he kind of seal claps but with his hands in fists. it’s adorable. You can see it right away in this video. 

Stephanie: How old is he?

SaraG: He’s a 98 baby.

Stephanie: Hey, I can name 4 of the 6 people in that video! And possibly correctly.

SaraG: That, my friend, is sexy. Let’s try it in a pic. 


SaraG:  YESSSS you’ve been practicing?

Stephanie. Nope! He clicks and makes it easier to get the others.

SaraG: NICE. 

Stephanie: I take back my flaunting, hold on. 

SaraG: Heh, different expressions, not as formal.


SaraG: The Blonde threw you. 

Stephanie: The angle more made his cheekbones more pronounced. But I got the others! WOOOT!

SaraG: You did!!!! And once you learn Hwanwoong and Xion it’ll be even easier because they’re obvious once you know them.

SaraG: Fast fact while you look at the pic and decide who is who… Seoho believes that (not counting himself) Hwanwoong would be the one to survive a zombie apocalypse the longest because he’d be asleep in bed the whole time and Leedo would be the first to die because he wouldn’t run, he’d try to fight and be immediately bitten.



Stephanie: You know who was the hardest? Ravn. I totally get Keonhee. It’s the mouth. He has a really distinct mouth.

SaraG: He’s always stuck out to you. You picked him for EVERYONE.

Stephanie: …..that is true.

SaraG: and now you’ll never get him wrong. 

Stephanie: Hey! Win! 

SaraG: One more?

Stephanie: Hit me!



SaraG: You got it! Only two members to go. Aren’t they a delight!?

Stephanie: What up, Keonhee! Let’s be friends!

SaraG: He accepts your friendship. 

Stephanie: Whew, I was concerned.

SaraG: Tomorrow we’ll do Hwanwoong, the tallest member of ONEUS… self-proclaimed.


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:

ONEUS: The Group
Hwanwoong (Class scheduled 3/14)
Xion (Class scheduled 3/21)
Final Exam (Class scheduled 3/28)



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