Musical Monday: Is Anybody Out There?

Posted by Stephanie on March 9, 2020


As SaraG is up to her elbows in preparing for Corona-response, she asked me to pitch hit on this week’s music posts, which, surprisingly, I’m very happy to do. Of course, that means I have a big choice to make, what song to choose? It’s so hard as this week there were two songs in particular that I immediately latched onto. How does she do this every week? Do I go for the hit group I currently love, NCT 127, and their new song and video, Kick It, or do I go with the SaraG suggested DPR LIVE?

Turns out, it was an easier choice than I had anticipated, and not just because I know it will make SaraG happy and this of any time, if I can make SaraG happy, I’m going to do it, but it turns out? I FREAKING LOVE the new DPR LIVE song.

Periodically throughout the day, mainly rattled off first thing in the morning, SaraG will send us links of new songs and videos she thinks we individually would enjoy. Now, because my Facebook messenger doesn’t always like to talk to my Youtube app, I usually make a note to go back to the recommendations and watch them at a later time. I want to say I’m mostly successful in going back and catching everything, but, unfortunately, not always the case, I’ll miss something or it will be a good week before I get to sit down and take it all in. It is something that does weigh on me as SaraG really does take the time for each of us to say “I like this and I think you will too.” Then there is the added: she’s generally right.

I’m not certain how she knows how I’m going to like things even before I do. She’s admitted to playing the long game, peppering the ground until suddenly one day it dawns on me “Oh, I love Hash Swan.” and she’ll step back and nod secretly to herself. I’m sure in her brain she’s thinking “I did that.” Somethings she’ll suggest I’ll love instantly. I remember the EXACT day I knew I wanted to be her friend when I sat in a Dunkin’ Donuts in Jersey City and instead of doing the writing I was supposed to be doing, we were Facebook chatting, exchanging favorite songs. Let’s just say she had my heart at Niihwa’s Gravity. Some things do take a while. I’ll hear things once, twice, months will pass, and then I’ll fall in love. (What up, Hash Swan?)

When she hit me up with the new DPR LIVE song, it was weird timing. She managed to hit me at a moment where I was getting a slow start, not wanting to leave my bed at 5am to go to the gym, she pinged me the link and I figured it was a good enough reason to stay in bed just a little while longer. I was instantly struck by the video. You can’t watch this thing and NOT be. Of course, my thought primarily was, how much did this thing cost? How can DPR LIVE afford this thing? Is it going to be part of a movie soundtrack and he was able to use their set and effect team? Its the only thing that made sense to me. Unfortunately, the music itself was more of an afterthought, and when I did think of it, it was more of an “Eh, it was okay.”

But then a funny thing happened.

I went to work, I thought again about the video, I put it on in the background, I admired the effects again and it marinated a bit in my brain. Since I was working, I couldn’t really pay my full attention to it, so the song just played in my ears. Again and again, I just couldn’t stop listening to it. Turns out? Yeah, the video is cool. So freaking cool with the effects, the pacing, DPR LIVE’s hotness, but as the day went on, I became a huge fan of the song. It’s fantastic, matches the video perfectly, the two pieces together (three if you could DPR LIVE himself) is seriously amazing. One might say the whole thing is dead sexy.

I know now I need to go back through all of my SaraG suggested links, make sure I caught everything. Make sure I gave everything a proper chance. Here’s hoping I’ll catch another Legacy in there whether I know it now, or 6 months down the line.

DPR LIVE, Legacy


  • Reply Alix March 9, 2020 at 9:44 am

    Who sings the song Fighter?

  • Reply humbledaisy1 March 9, 2020 at 4:59 pm

    Corona virus prep update: Choi Siwon says proper hand washing form requires two choruses of “Sorry Sorry.”

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