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Posted by Stephanie on March 10, 2020


I really thought the last Kingdom 2 post was the last Kingdom 2 post before the premiere on Friday. Whoops. I was wrong. I thought I could keep this trailer to myself, but really, as I just watched it in broad daylight on my balcony, and screeched aloud, waving my hands around in fear/suspense. Nope. I couldn’t do it, I have to share.

Because the Kingdom production sure knows how to put out a trailer:

This thing was so suspenseful and scary! So many shows should take note on how you promote a show… well, not every plot is going to have flesh-eating zombies, so Kingdom has that leg up on them, but pacing? The building of tension even in trailer form until my neighbor is asking me if I’m okay? Win. If I weren’t looking forward to this show beforehand, I sure am on pins and needles now.

Plus, it looks like we’re getting even more gleaming about the plot. Queen is successful in her baby stealing attempts, so daddy dearest takes the opportunity to put her husband, the zombie king to rest. And by rest, I mean finally killing him for real as now that she has a legitimate heir, or one more legitimate than the crowned prince, the throne is now in their hands and have no more need to keep him alive. Which is why everyone is in the white clothes, it’s the mourning period. Looks though the queen quickly throws that off in order to display dominance, putting on the royal robes and hat, the placeholder ruler until her baby is old enough to take her place.

Is it me or does she kind of look a little crazy there in the end? It’s a lot to be on her head whether she was originally complicit or not. I can see the guilt or power getting to her. I’m wondering if she’s going to end up turning on her own father, which is pretty much what she deserves, only if then her father and mastermind of all of this is swiftly dealt with by the crowned prince.

Or would it be former crowned prince? What happens once one is usurped like that? My guess, as it so often is partnered with a horrible death, it’s not really something that they worried about.

I’m also interested by the doctor as this is the most interesting I’ve seen her be in any of the promos so far. She’s busily looking for the cure, the plant from the frozen lake that her dead teacher wrote about, you know before he helped unleash this by turning the king into a zombie. (On accident?) It’s one thing to find the flower, it’s another thing to actually figure out how to use it. I’m guessing, much like we saw the evil dad do the testing in the previous season, she’s going to have to go all eanie, meanie, miney, moe, catch a zombie by its toe in order to do some testing of her own.

Just a few days left! I gave notice to my BL and Bubbles partner that our weekly viewing was going to have to be moved as this Saturday night, I’ve got some Zombies to watch!


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