Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Because We’re All a Little Bit Paranoid

Posted by Stephanie on March 12, 2020


Stephanie, still pitching in for our musical guru, SaraG while she helps protect the general area from general disaster possibilities. Still happy to do so, as I’ve been really, really into music lately. And by music I mean a few select muscicians I find myself repeating again and again as I protect my general company from general subscription management disaster possibilities. (Yes, I’m aware that this is not nearly as sexy as disaster management, but really, what is?

From my other post, I can go on to say that while I get a lot of music from others suggesting it to me, some obsessions I find all on my own. I want to say proudly that Ash Island is one of them. I was watching some Dingo presents videos on youtube (I’ll have to share THOSE sometime) and would watch on repeat over and over again. Once it was done, Ash Island’s would play and, just like usual, at first, I didn’t care for it and then, when I really listened, realized the songs were sinking in, I was struck by the thought:

Hey. I really like Ash Island.

Then I found a video which was just a collection of songs from one of his albums, I listened to it and thought: Uhoh, I really, really like Ash Island. Then when I was looking for something to play on while driving last weekend doing errands, my windows down, the music jacked, and I deliberately went to Google Play to play all his songs, I knew. I’m hooked.

This is one of those times where I don’t know if I was led here or not. I mean, some of the songs sounded familiar but how much of that was because I’d listened to his original Dingo playlist so many times in the background before actually listening to him? Turns out he collaborates with a lot with my favorites, Changmo and Hash Swan, perhaps I came across these songs while listening to playlists inspired by them. Or perhaps it’s something SaraG was shouting at me to pay attention to in her sneaky back-handed way. (As she does.)

Though I feel like I should give credit where credit is due, I’m wondering if it really matters. At this time, at this moment, something stuck. It sunk into my brain and isn’t letting go. Isn’t that the best when that happens? When you don’t even realize you’re in a musical rut, looking for the newest thing (to you) until suddenly it’s upon you? Its how Kpop landed onto me originally. Sure, I listened casually, saying I liked it, when really I was obsessed with Kdrama and if you like Kdrama, you should like Kpop….but it didn’t really grab me by the stomach until Still Alive (Alive?) came out and from there, the tentacles of Kpop reached out and grabbed me, forever changing my world.

I’m enjoying my new discovery, falling in love with music all over again. And that’s always the coolest feeling.

Ash Island, Paranoid

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  • Reply SaraG March 12, 2020 at 8:06 am

    I admit to sharing him with you but only like once and it was quite awhile ago, when he first signed with Ambition. The obsession was all yours!!

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