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Posted by Stephanie on March 14, 2020

KPop School

SaraG: CLASS!!!

Stephanie: Is back!

SaraG: Today we’re going to talk about Hwanwoong…the tallest member of ONEUS. 

Stephanie: The one I can pick out but NEVER remember his name. Or can pronounce it when I see it. Hwanwoong. 

SaraG: He’s very very distinctive and lovely, but his name is a challenge. It took me a mintute. Trying separating it into the two syllables.



Stephanie: Whew glad it’s not just me.



SaraG: Exactly, easier if you divide it up. So I say the tallest member of the group because that’s how he always introduces himself…as the tallest member. His online profile…always a lie…puts him at 168 centimeters…approx 5’5″. Now we all know those are a lie.

Stephanie: I wish they wouldn’t. I love the teenie ones. 

SaraG: This digital fiction doesn’t hide the fact that even Hongjoong of ATEEZ makes him look teeny. 

Stephanie: Which just makes me go squeee. Side question: is there ONEUS fanfic?

SaraG: probably? I haven’t read any yet. I haven’t had time to read much lately. 

Stephanie: Sadly same. 

SaraG: He’s also quite slight as well as being diminutive. 

Stephanie: Slender yet strong.

SaraG: Hwanwoong was a student at SOPA…he is an insanely talented dancer that puts out solo choreo videos under the name Woong.

Stephanie: So is he lead or main dancer?

SaraG: He’s the main dancer, a vocalist, and a rapper…our guy can do it all.

Stephanie: Wow. That is a LOT.

SaraG: And he is such a great dancer. He wanted to become an idol after seeing Rain when he was young…like so many idols we love.

Stephanie: So many idols love Rain! I remember watching a Super M video where they were all talking about Rain. 



Stephanie: That is quite the bow.

SaraG: He also plays the guitar, he literally is the perfect idol.

Stephanie: Plays an actual instrument??

SaraG: He DOES.

Stephanie: He really is the whole package. 

SaraG: Here, let’s let the others introduce him…

Stephanie: Did I miss how old he is?

SaraG: You did not… he’s a 98 line…August 98…so  21. 

Stephanie: Holy crap. He is young. He looks older, not in a bad way, but I would have guessed 23-24?

SaraG: Yeah, he has a mature face. 

SaraG: He’s known to be in charge of “being pretty” for the group. Hehehe. He’s the charming one. 

Stephanie: Well he is the tallest, it is his job.

SaraG: Obviously. The others…and fans…have nicknamed him the sloth because he’s both lazy and he kind of looks like one. He isn’t really lazy…more of a sleepyhead, the last to get up…doesn’t wash off his makeup at night…that kind of thing.

Stephanie: Because he’s too busy doing everything else.

SaraG: And it doesn’t seem to hurt him any. 

SaraG: Look at him…gorgeous.

Stephanie: Waiting for it to load. Come on Vermont internet!

SaraG: He’s also nicknamed peanut and dachshund for obvious reasons.

Stephanie: He is a peanut. I can now see it!

SaraG: He likes to live without too many rules…he says his hobby is playing on the swings. HE HATES DIETS.

Stephanie: Playing on the swings? Hates diets? He is my jam!

SaraG: He really is…He’s one of those idols that looks completely different on and off stage. Offstage he is this silly, squirmy, excitable joy and on stage he is pure sex.

Stephanie: Those are always a fun surprise. What up, Mingi.


SaraG: He used to be on Pledis with SVT and Nu’est. He was a finalist on Pledis Hot Debut in 2013 and trained with Boo and DK for a while…you can see a similarity in their styles as idols.

Stephanie: He has a Pledis look to him.

SaraG: He DOES!

Stephanie: I can see it!!!

SaraG: and as with many idols of this generation, he was on Produce 101 season 2…He came in 42.

Stephanie:  Not terrible. 


He calls himself Jeremy on his self-introduction. 

Stephanie: Jeremy? Did he grow up elsewhere?

SaraG: I haven’t seen anything about him living elsewhere…my guess is it’s just his English name. The self intros are ALWAYS cringy…don’t judge him.

Stephanie: I want to say I won’t. But I’m judgy.

SaraG: Then never watch that link. 

Stephanie: Hahahahahha

SaraG: Nah, it’s not that bad once you get past the first minute. 

Stephanie: This from lit? Love that video and look.

SaraG: It is! This is cute…the subs are bad but you can get the point…Hwanwoong keeps a diary and the others have read it.

SaraG: Seriously…and he writes his – as they say – like Death Note. It’s a revenge list….today, Leedo didn’t take out the trash.

Stephanie: No. Way. Haahahahhha.

SaraG: He’s also hard on himself in it, but it’s funnier to see the stuff he said about Keonhee during dance practice. Keonhee didn’t care either.

Stephanie: Keonhee!!! I luf Keonhee.

SaraG: He’s all charm and silly, that one.




Stephanie: The sassy tall one. 

SaraG: He also does taekwondo and considers it one of his strengths in dance. No makeup, ready for bed.

Stephanie: Can’t wait to see it when I’m not on Vermont internet!

SaraG: HAHAHAHAH The links will be here waiting for you.

SaraG: This is our Hwanwoong…. ready for a tiny test or do you need to wait for better internet?

Stephanie: Hit me. Let’s see. Vermont is thwarting my lustful learning!

SaraG: Did you say lustful?

SaraG: that one is tough so I’m just being silly (though I can name them….)

Stephanie: He’s the middle blond one!

SaraG: HE IS Middle as in the almost kiss.

Stephanie: He, honestly, is SUPER visible. Swooon it does look like a kiss. 

SaraG: To me, this whole groups is very different from each other and from any other idol…with the exception of Xion, who has a literal idol twin, they all look like themselves.

Stephanie: Bring in the fanfic!

SaraG: He and Ravn – the other sleeping kisser – are often shipped in fic I think.

Stephanie: BLONDE! Once I’m on real-world internet I will look for some for us. 

SaraG: I think fic and shipping loves to pair our pocket idols with everyone.

Stephanie: LMC. Blonde. Is he always? He’s so pretty. 

SaraG: I have no idea what LMC means. And yes, he’s always pretty and usually has light hair. 

Stephanie: I can’t write on the pic with this internet, his jacket says LMC. 

SaraG: HAHAHAHAHA yes! That’s him and Leedo. 

Stephanie: 🙂 


SaraG: They are seriously the cutest. 

Stephanie: Well, he is the one who is Hwanwoong. 

SaraG: You are correct!!! With Leedo and Seoho. Seoho with a star, because obviously, we have stars in common. 

Stephanie: I think we all can see…Stephanie has got Hwanwoong DOWN!

SaraG: She really, really does…once she remembers his name cold turkey. I considered myself as having them before I could always recall his name. don’t worry. 

Stephanie: Wooooot! 

SaraG: Our next and final lesson will be the maknae  – Xion!


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:

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Xion (Class scheduled 3/21)
Final Exam (Class scheduled 3/28)


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