Rise of the Comfort Watch

Posted by Stephanie on March 18, 2020


In times like these, some of us with an unfortunate amount of time on our hands and an anxiety level which is bordering on out of control, it might be the perfect time to either catch up on that to be watched list, or even better, pull out one of those tried and true favorite dramas. You know the ones, they make you feel all warm and cozy inside, instantly pulling into your happy place, shutting out the world for just a little while. In this spirit, I’ve asked a few of the Kchat Friends what dramas fit this bill for them!

As told in gifs…because gifs make me happy.


Coffee Prince

Splash Splash Love
Arang and the Magistrate
Secret Garden
My Love From Another Star
Antique Bakery



Glorious Day
Coffee Prince
Flower Boy Next Door
Rich Man Poor Woman
Queen Inhyun’s Man


You’re Beautiful
The Untamed (currently on rewatch too soon to tell if it’s a forever member of this list)

I Hear Your Voice

Reply 1988
Coffee Prince


Weightlifting Fairy


Love For A Thousand More
Splash Splash Love
Romance is a Bonus Book
Boss and Me
The Untamed

Oh My Ghostess
Coffee Prince


Love By Chance

Love 020

History 2 Right or Wrong


Strong Girl Bong Soo
Boys Over Flowers


So, my friends, my warm and cozy thoughts are with you. Stay inside when possible and watch what makes you happy, be it these or whatever is on YOUR happy list.

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