Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Tempt Me

Posted by Stephanie on March 19, 2020


See what happens when you leave me to my own devices for too long? I even turn the musical posts into a homage into my budding BL obsession. CHOICES HAVE BEEN MADE.

This post was actually hard for me to do, much harder than last week’s. I think the creative brain is simply occupied with other questions. How can I live in my apartment without human interaction? How many ways can I cook all that chicken I bought? Can I consider anxiety a cardio workout? Has my apartment always smelled like weed? It’s a lot to think about. I don’t have the mental capacity to actually choose a song I’d like you to listen to because I like it.

Then I remembered how much I do love a theme…and in the spirit of this week’s Musical Monday’s choice of SBFive, today we’re going with the band Tempt.

Haven’t heard of them? Not up on Thai BL Pop? Huh. I’m sad for you because this shit is amazing. Where SBFive is a group made up of castmates of the drama 2Moons, Tempt is a band made up of cast members from the drama Love By Chance. Seriously, I’m guessing all of these people just hang around during their off time talking of their musical prowess and someone walks by and gets an idea. Realistically, it probably stems from the promotional train pushes BL shows. Before and after these shows premiere the cast members are instantly popular and travel a good portion of the globe doing fan meets. In these fan meets the pairings gaze longingly at each other, giving the squeeeeing fans the idea that this relationship might actually happen, they play games and, yep, they sing and dance.

It’s my guess beforehand they talk about any talents or skills they might have. For Tempt? Well, looks like they had enough members to put together an actual band!

Before this week’s Candy Crush came out, I would have said that Tempt was my favorite out of the two but, Candy Crush is just enjoyable enough to push it forward. That being said this song, Tell Me This Is Love, is great! While Alix and I had a giggle over the video and some of the costuming, it all pulls together. The song itself? Please listen and chime in! If I were to tell you who it sounds like? Usually, the choices are CNBLue or FTIsland, maybe now N.Flying. This song though? Brings back total feels of You’re Beautiful and the faux group AN.JELL. I can’t shake how similar it seems! I want to say it makes me want to watch You’re Beautiful again, but I’m not going to lie, it just makes me want to watch Love By Chance again. As it showed up on yesterday’s comfort watch, you’ll understand it doesn’t take much for me to want to visit that show.

Tempt – Tell Me This Is Love

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    And they just had a new release this week!

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