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Posted by Stephanie on March 21, 2020

KPop School

SaraG: Our next and final lesson will be the maknae  – Xion!

Stephanie: I’m not ready to be done with them!

SaraG: You never truly finish. I’m not done. 

Stephanie: It’s a whole new discovery. Every Day. 


Stephanie: Xion. He’s cute!

SaraG: Xion is, as I mentioned, the youngest member. He was born in the shocking year of 2000. Nobody was born in 2000…it’s scary. 

Stephanie: He is 19????

SaraG: Gulp. 

Stephanie: Actually, he looks it,

SaraG: He’s the vocal and the visual in the group. 

Stephanie: I can see the visual in him.

SaraG: He has a bit of that Korean visual around the edges.

Stephanie: He does! Like painted on him.

SaraG: He’s around 5’8″…so pretty average height.

Stephanie: I can see why Hwanwoong is the tall one.

SaraG: HAHAHA. Also, remember, 19 is young for a guy…he’s still growing.

Stephanie: He is! A baby that is. 


SaraG: He has a very serious resting face…but the others tease him ruthlessly until he cracks. And when he smiles, it’s woooonderful. He’s known to be very hardworking and very focused so it’s nice that his members make sure he lightens up. 

Stephanie: He looks like a different person there.

SaraG: He actually wants to be their actor…he’s supposed to be quite good at it. 

Stephanie: I like those hardworking maknaes. 

SaraG: If you’ll remember, he’s the member with a twin brother. He’s one minute younger than Dongmyeong from Onewe…their keyboardist and vocal

SaraG: Xion has darker hair in this. 

Stephanie: It’s him who has a twin? I remember there was one just not who it was. 

SaraG: Yep…Xion and Dongmyeong are the twins. They are known for being very close…they take care of each other a lot. To the point where I’ve seen video of them when Xion didn’t feel well and Dongmyeong could tell and stepped in and arranged for a whole shoot to be moved until he felt better. 

Stephanie: Awwwwwwwww no way, that’s so sweet! Please tell me there are videos of this. 

SaraG: There are!! I’ll have to poke around and send them. I’m sure it was some fan made ‘twins’ type video. not sure which

Stephanie: I NEED TO SEE IT. The pics just loaded! They are too cute!




SaraG: I’m sure there is pure gold in these videos, for when your internet works. 

Stephanie: Can’t wait to go mining for it! Mining, mining, mining for twin gold.

SaraG: Xion hates working out and his self professed hobby is…Watching musicals.

Stephanie: Hahahaha interesting. I’m not certain we can be friends.


SaraG: I like them and you like me. He thinks that his strong points are his cold look but bright personality and his loooong eyelashes. He can balance a toothpick on his eyelashes. I know you just pictured it vertically….that’s not right…horizontally

Stephanie: Hahahahha now I want to see him vertically balance toothpicks


Stephanie: He looks different in so many pictures. 

SaraG: He does…he’s a bit of a changeling. 

SaraG: When asked what he is in charge of on the team, Leedo swears Xion is in charge of aegyo…I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him actually do it though. Be ready for this…Xion crafting. 

Stephanie: Oh noes. Oooohhhh noes!!! You know I’m a sucker for crafting idols

SaraG: He makes the others craft. He’s good at it. 

Stephanie: I now live him. 

Live him

Love him. 

It was meant to be

SaraG: You can live him. He is meant to be lived

Stephanie: Well he is the baby. A crafting baby

SaraG: Here’s a good fan cam. 

SaraG: He’s often shipped with Leedo and paired as best friends with Hwanwoong. Xion and Leedo

SaraG: Always clinging to each other. 

SaraG: They know EXACTLY what they’re doing

Stephanie: Come on, baby, load!!!! Now I’m just being taunted with turns cuteness waiting for me. 

SaraG: Stupid Vermont

Stephanie: Gah!!!! Worth the wait!.so cute!!!! I love idols curling up on each other. It’s a little thing of mine. 

SaraG: This group is pretty curly. 

SaraG: He and his frenemy – Hwanwoong

Stephanie: Oooh frienemies?

SaraG: And with Keonhee

Stephanie: Who is paired in this group? 

SaraG: I haven’t read anything yet…but I understand it’s Leedo and Xion often…Hwanwoong and Ravn. That’s all I’ve seen. I’ll have to dig around on Ao3.

Stephanie: I more meant around the groupings. Fans leaning one way or another. 

SaraG: Example? I’m not sure if I get what you mean. 

Stephanie: Well fics come from somewhere. Who oddly are hanging off each other. 

SaraG: Ah….that would be the two I pointed out.

Stephanie:  Who can be found looking in each other’s eyes?

SaraG: Leedo and Xion and Ravn and Hwanwoong.

Stephanie: Laugh

SaraG: I haven’t seen Keonhee or Seoho cling to anyone in particular. Keonhee kind of hangs on anyone and Seoho doesn’t seem to be too tactile

Stephanie: See? That’s the stuff that makes me squeeeeeee…

SaraG: We can do the final exam when you have better internet. But I wanted to make sure you got through them all so you have some context.

Stephanie: Yes! Because I don’t want my mojo to be ruined by VT internet

SaraG: Exactly. Study Hard!

Stephanie: So to be continued! I’ll be ready for our final exam!

Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:

ONEUS: The Group
Final Exam (Class scheduled 3/28)


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