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Posted by Stephanie on March 24, 2020

Casting News

As I was scrolling through Soompi as one does in a pandemic whilst attempting to avoid the emotional roller coaster that is Facebook, my fingers froze at this.

Holy flipping fudgeballs, who is this beautiful, mesmerizingly beautiful person? Why haven’t I heard of him before? And is it just this picture which makes him look so amazing?

This requires a deeper look.

Looking at Mydramalist shows while he’s been in a few dramas and movies, it’s mainly as unknown or supporting roles. Oooh newbie! Its been a while since we’ve been infatuated with a newbie. He was in last year’s crime drama, Catch the Ghost, as a super low ranked supporting character. Last year he was also in two movies, both sequels, Tazza: One-Eyed Jacks and The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful. But never fear Lee Hong Nae, it looks like your time has come! As mentioned in the Soompi article, he’s been cast in what I’m sure is going to be this year’s big drama, The King: The Eternal Monarch. You know that drama right, the one starring Lee Min Ho? His big return to the screen since his post-military break? The one that’s written by Kim Eun Suk? You know the writer where all her dramas become instant classics? Oh right, that Kim Eun Suk.

If this works out for him, Lee Hong Nae seems to be on a nice little upwards trajectory. A quick little search show’s he’s 30, which means he’s most likely post-military. He’s looking more and more interesting! Which is good because, unfortunately, there’s not much out there – picture or information-wise so I guess we’re going to have to wait for this new show to get a good and proper look at him.

Luckily, since The King: The Eternal Monarch is set to premiere in April, we don’t have long to wait! (Sigh, at least we have that bright side to look forward to.)

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