A Mathy Sort of King

Posted by Stephanie on March 25, 2020


After yesterday’s post on casting for The King: The Last Monarch, I woke up to the message from SaraG, asking if I’d seen the teaser for it. No! No I hadn’t! Quite the opposite actually, I thought there was a teaser, had hunted it out, and was sadly mistaken. Turns out? My mistake was the mistake and not only is there one teaser out, but there’s two!

Though I should say, don’t get too excited, they are, in fact, just teasers and not a full trailer.

The first one is Lee Min Ho being all kingly and mysterious, probably thinking about kingly things you know, like ruling, care and welfare of his subjects, and you know, closing down a dimensional hole before it eats his whole existence. How is he going to do this? Apparently with math! Who doesn’t like a mathy sort of king? Or at least a mathy sort of king who looks like Lee Min Ho?

With the exception of Lee Min Ho and Lee Min Ho’s voice, I’m not really seeing anything super exciting here. But it’s an early time teaser, there’s still room to grow. like to this one! Let’s take a look at teaser 2!

Here we have some more action! So, we’ve got our king traveling from one dimension to another. It appears as though he were looking for the portal like he knew it was there. Was this something that has always been open? Since he didn’t seem to know exactly where it is, something tells me this isn’t a regular hot spot, we aren’t traveling through dimensions on the regular. From the way he walks up and hugs the girl (who we know to be a police detective….really with that casting??) we can tell he thinks he knows her. My guess is she has or had a double on the other side. Perhaps she IS the double and doesn’t even know it. Ooooh…that would be interesting!

What we do know, he is a king who wants to shut down the portal, he also wants her to help or join him. Yeah, I’m voting for a romance or connection in a previous dimension that she has no idea about.

The other interesting thing that caught my eye, is when he says “You don’t exist in my world, just like I don’t exist here.” So can other people see them when they are in the other dimension? Or was that just metaphorical? He doesn’t come from there so technically he doesn’t exist there? Sounds like a king who likes math.

While I’m super drawn into this one yet, I’m looking forward for more info on it. I’m ready to be woooooed Kdrama, Woo me! Or perhaps just have a blank screen with Lee Min Ho speaking at me….that might just work too.


Oh, wait. One more thing. Anyone else give a WTF face when she said “I still don’t believe the world is round?” Yeah, I also still don’t believe you can believably pull off a police detective.

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