Sneak In Saturday – Fueled by the Little Things

Posted by SaraG on March 28, 2020


I am, despite evidence to the contrary, still alive. I am eternally grateful that Stephanie has stepped in with nary a complaint to drop some musical posts on the site and I will continue to lean on her endless support for the foreseeable. I am a creature of guilt, so even though it’s her blog and even though she is in no way pressuring me to write anything and has never been vocal about our friendship only being fulfilling if I provide her content, I still feel bad that I haven’t written anything in weeks. But then again, maybe this sudden glut of Thai BL pop is what everyone was wanting and I should bow out gracefully…I don’t check the numbers, how the heck would I know.

Maybe I should check then numbers. 

I don’t even know how to check any numbers.

What do the numbers mean anyway? 

For those that might think that I just disappeared because I cracked under the pressure of social distancing with my mom, kids, and husband in the house, I wanted to set the record straight. I’ve actually barely been in my house except to drink a glass of wine and slip into a deep sleep each night. I’ve been working seven days a week and nearly 12-14 hours a day since the end of February. I am not doing it alone, I have the most amazing team, agency, and supportive colleagues (Alix among the very best and most essential) and we’ve all come together to tackle this complicated and life-changing pandemic. 

I can’t say I haven’t cried out of frustration or exhaustion (just the once though and it was early on when we were working 20 hours a day so it hardly counts) and I can’t say that everything we’re doing is perfect. But I can say that if you are following your public health orders, that if you are social distancing and washing your hands, you are helping end this disaster. If you are not hoarding what you don’t need – masks and gloves included – you are helping protect the people that are saving our lives. And, if you keep listening to good music and spending money on albums and content, you are keeping our loves fed. What is the point of getting through the apocalypse if there is no Kpop on the other side?

So while I barely get a chance to listen to anything, and while that quiet period between 5:15 am and 5:45 am is the only time I can absorb new Kpop content, I am counting on everyone else to find the good stuff, to send me links, or to keep track or mark it for later so I can catch up when all of this winds down. Because it will wind down. It will end eventually and we will carve out a new normal.

Until then, I’m going to need some Caffeine to keep me going. 

Caffeine, Kiro Akiyama

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  • Reply Stephanie March 29, 2020 at 4:25 pm

    <3 All the big hearts. You go out, save Colorado from itself we, and kpop, will be here when you're ready.

    PS: Would it be rude to offer this guy a headband? Maybe a little hair tie? 😉

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