Musical Monday: Always On Repeat

Posted by Alix on March 30, 2020


After SaraG snuck in on Saturday and Stephanie spent all day Sunday lovingly staring at photos of Nu’uest, it only seemed right to continue the mixup and thus here I am with Musical Monday. Like any good drama heroine, I will apologize in advance for a post that will be sadly lacking but hopefully, in the end, you will be left with a good song.

I love to play songs on repeat. I can go days listening to the same song over and over and over again and not get sick of it. It all comes down to the right song, at the right time, and the right mood but when those boxes are ticked…it’s a good thing I live alone. Or with a dog who can’t tell me enough already. And then I discovered I could make a playlist of those songs…and listen to that endlessly on repeat…and then I discovered that if I did it on an annual basis…I had the foundation for my top 50 songs of the year. And my yearly Always On Repeat playlist, affectionately known as AOR, was born. The songs appear from random spots…comebacks from favorite artists. I can neither confirm or deny that all the songs from iKON’s February release are on this year’s AOR. They can come from the OST of the dramas I am watching…Forest and Itaewon Class had some good songs. And then there are the ones I pick up from the random playlists I listen to while working. Most songs slide by but every once in awhile one breaks through my focus and I can’t not listen closely.

Demian is a solo artist who debuted earlier this month under Sony Music Entertainment Korea. I stumbled across his debut single, Cassette, this past week on a Spotify playlist and was immediately captivated. He can’t dance which might explain why he didn’t go the traditional idol route and he’s older…26 to be exact. You can find some of his older stuff on his Soundcloud account.

I didn’t realize there was a music video until I was researching for this post. The video is fine and he wears a very impressive pair of pants at one point but I honestly like the song much better on its own. The song has everything, a beautiful melody that builds to a steady beat, and his solid and yet breathy voice. It’s totally the right song at the right time to match my current mood…hard not to have it always on repeat.



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