Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Not The Life of the Party

Posted by Stephanie on April 2, 2020


I’d had to go back into time to see if SaraG had done this song already as, while it’s not super old, I know that Zico is a favorite of both of ours. I was in luck! She’d missed this one. And by missed, I mean, I’m sure something she loved just as equally came out at the same time… unfortunately harsh choices have to be made in the casting of Musical Monday. Its not that we love one song over another, it’s more, what’s hitting us that day? Who’s been on recently? And what new or less popular group deserves attention just a little bit more than someone bigger. We all know how much Kchat loves an underdog.

Of course, Zico is no underdog.

I love seeing how, what seems to be, seamlessly he’s moved from the breakout star of an idol group to solo artist, to an owner and manager of his own label. It’s not often that a person is successful in one, even fewer chances of making the more you go down that list. Zico though, appears to be thriving in the path he’s made for himself.

I know that SaraG did cover his other releases last year, which, in case you missed it, were spectacular. I love how he’s taking what he’s known for, a songwriter and excellent rapper, and tweaking it, playing with his sound and style. You never know what you’re going to get with a Zico release and I love that about him. (Again, go listen to his songs from last year, you won’t regret it.) He keeps putting out these videos were while on the one hand, I’m loving the song, on the other hand, I’m impressed with the quality. His label, KOZ, has a lot of money and talented people behind it and it really shows.

Before this song came out, we were already aware of it. Up in my Instagram feed one day

Now, if you don’t know who that is with him, well, that’s Hwasa, who I think is probably the COOLEST thing in women’s pop right now. I couldn’t stop watching this over and over again…. he started it as a challenge, the #Anysong challenge and videoed himself doing the dance with his other famous friends.





Sandara Park


Soon it caught on and others were doing it:

Park Shin Hye did it at the Grand Canyon


Kim Jae Hwan did it at MBC


Lee Hyori did it, I’m assuming at her home stay. (This one Zico said he was the most excited to see.)

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I ❤️this song 아무렇게나 춤춰

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Kim Min Jae And So Ju Yeon did it on the set of Dr Romantic 2


And AB6IX, well they’re here because Alix loves them

Oh wait! One more! The one that inspired all this! Recently Zico was a guest on Running Man and performed the challenge with Song Ji Hyo! Zico on Running Man? That’s almost enough to get me to watch an episode of Running Man on my own!

I love, love, love Zico! I love how clever he is, and what he managed to accomplish with this challenge. A challenge which, no matter how many times I watch the videos, still makes me smile.


Oh. And the songs really good, too.

Zico – Any Song


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