Khottie of the Week: Song Mino

Posted by Stephanie on April 5, 2020

Khottie of the Week

If you were here for last week’s Khottie, you might be surprised to see that none of the members of Nu’est are this week’s Khottie. In an update, I thought long and hard about how to do Nu’est, (heh) be it Khottie or Kpop School, if I wait for SaraG to do Kpop School or if I try to take the teach reigns, I had a nice talk with SaraG, and have decided, we’re going to wait and have the most EPIC Nu’est Kpop School once she comes out of the other side of this pandemic. It’s going to be our reward. We both love them so much, it’s something that excites both of us, and it didn’t seem right to go it alone. So, look lively everyone, cross your (washed) fingers and hope for a quick end so we can get to this.

But that is them and this is now. Or, this is Song Mino’s post. He was gracious enough to let us bump in for a moment. I actually couldn’t believe he’d never been a Khottie before! He’d shown up a couple of times, most recently in the Tattooed episode. (He has some really nice tattoos.)

A LOT of tattoos.

While I love Winner’s music, its one of those bands I never really think of. Its more of a “Woah, who did this song? I love it!”

Then I’ll look and realize, yep, it’s Winner. Almost Every Single Time. I almost feel bad about it.

Turns out I also love a lot of Mino’s solo work, or work he did with Show Me The Money and his work with Bobby.

But again still, I never really connected to him.

It was actually his part in Where R U From that made me sit back and take notice.

Then I looked a little harder.

And then took another one.

I may have swooned a little bit.

It was about the same time I saw him in a couple of episodes of It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, where I learned what an arty little weirdo he is.

Another lock in my fangirl heart was turned.

When he came out with his solo CD, the song Fiance sealed the deal for me.

He’s so pretty and talented and tattooed and sexy.

A hard combination to turn your eyes away from.

So why try?

I mean, you want to be happy, right now, correct?

I’m pretty certain happiness is equal parts carbs and looking at pictures of Song Mino.

I kick myself pretty hard for not going and seeing Winner when they came here to the states last year, unfortunately, as it was right around the corner from my Korea trip, I couldn’t justify the time or expense.

I kick myself as the show wasn’t well attended, so I’m sad because I’m sure the boys were disappointed with the turnout and even sadder as this means the likelihood of getting another Winner tour is going to be slim.

Now that one of their members have slipped off into the military? Probably slimmer still.

I wonder if Mino would ever tour on his own. Zico came here solo and that was even before he officially left his agency and Block B. I bet Mino could do it.

My new Mino crush tells me Mino could do anything he wanted, and I’m not certain it’s wrong.

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  • Reply missienelly April 5, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    I need to get back on khottie wagon! Song Mino is a wise choice, chingu. He is sexy and beautiful! And I love his facial structure – perfecto! He gets hotter when he sings

    • Reply Stephanie April 7, 2020 at 9:31 pm

      Hop aboard the Khottie train is waiting! CHOO CHOO! Yes, that facial structure is amazing!

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