Train To Busan Presents Penninsula?

Posted by Stephanie on April 7, 2020


It’s out! Just when you thought we were done talking about zombies for a while, the first-ever teaser trailer for the followup movie oddly handled with Train To Busan Presents Penninsla is out! Are you ready for this?

Spoiler alert? I cheated, watched the trailer ahead of you and no, you’re not ready for this!

Lets get right to it then:

I may have watched this thing a few times. This is IN-TENSE.

So what did we get from here? The story takes place in the same world as Train To Busan, four years later, the zombies have overrun the peninsula crashing everything into a post-apocalyptic turmoil. You can see a whole new sort of society has emerged, and not for the better. Our hero is either some sort of military person, or freedom fighter. (Freedom against the zombies that is.)

We have a hero, a female sort of badass, and a young girl. Honestly? I was wondering if they would be bringing back in any of the characters from the original, those who had not died, but the older actress is not the same as before and, agewise, I don’t think any of the females in the teaser is Gong Yoo’s daughter. It’s four years later, the older one is too old and the younger one is too young.

I wonder if this movie is going to be as effective as the first. Sure, this trailer scared the crap out of me but that wasn’t all that Train to Busan was. I think Train to Busan was so powerful because it was about those connections with the people. Sure the zombies were scary and cool, but you remember the husband and wife characters. Who doesn’t remember when he slid his phone across the train floor and it lit up, showing that his wallpaper was their sonogram? Or the moment at the end with Gong Yoo and his daughter? Even the ‘bad guy’, he’s doing all these terrible things and you find out, he’s just scared and is trying to get home to his blind mother who won’t survive if he doesn’t. These are the moments you remember.

I wonder if Train to Busan Presents Penninsula will be able to recreate that.


Oh wait! And the sisters! Do you remember the sisters in the first one? Gah, that still gets me.

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