Throwback (Musical) Thursday: My Love Is A Kdrama

Posted by Stephanie on April 9, 2020


Taking a break from the stresses of the day, chatting with SaraG, plotting out a developing NU’EST fantasy where we all puppy pile in a bed, watching a drama, eating grilled cheese… you know as one does with friends during a spot of unexpected solo time. We then swung into Nu’est facts both real and imagined before she asked me if I had connected to their music anymore since falling madly, deeply in love with them as people. Hmmmm….I still have to work on that. However, that reminded me, it was Wednesday and what comes after Wednesday? Thursday? And that meant this post. Which I hadn’t written yet. Uhoh. But hey, since we were just talking about them, and I could use some one-on-one cozy time with the boys, I’ll choose a NU’EST song. But which one? Which ones had been done before by SaraG? (Unfortunately, not by me as I’m new to this whole NU’EST love thing.) So I began searching through Kchat to see what posts they had popped up in.

And that’s when I found it. And my world tilted a little bit.

Please notice that date

Which, if you know anything about the history of this site, you’ll know that’s a fake date. This post, from 2012, written the month they premiered, was actually one of the few posts I was able to recover after my original site, Crazy For Kdrama, had been shut down unexpectedly. Not only did I like the song enough to make it a Musical Monday, but the internet powers that be allowed me to keep the post after the crash so it could be part of Kchat.

It’s like my love of NU’EST was fate. I’m like a Kdrama heroine up over here, seeing my hero for the first time, bumping into him, having that connection and then life moves on. Suddenly, years later after personal turmoil, we meet again, however briefly, and then, finally, years later, there they are, ready for me to be ready for them.

And I am ready for them!

I decided to watch the video again, as I’m certain I have no memory of it. I decided to feature it here as it just seems fitting. A Throwback Musical Thursday what was one time, years and years and websites ago was a Musical Monday by a potentially hot new group? A group I’m now solidly in love with? Sounds perfect to me.

Surprisingly? It might be my bright and shiny love, but I really like the song. Sure it’s dated. Sure it’s a product of its time. But it’s also catchy and a song I think I really would have been into if I were paying attention. Also to see the guys here was just amazing. I’m used to how they are now, but here, 8 years ago, they were Kpop babies! Ren with his long hair! I really wish I’d been hooked on them then. I wish I knew then what I knew now. But that’s okay, I’m here now, guys.

Gah. I’m pretty much flabbergasted by this whole experience.

NU’EST, Face


I will, however, agree with my previous comment about the West Side Story-esqe dancing.

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