Musical Monday: About What

Posted by Alix on April 13, 2020


In my solo stay-at-home existence, the silence, or silence punctuated by the dog’s loud snores and sighs, can quickly get overwhelming. So whenever I’m not watching a drama, or on one of the many virtual meetings, I have music playing. This has meant that I have blown through my usual playlist suspects and have had to expand my listening range…which has resulted in some pretty awesome finds.

My usual playlist is the iTunes A-List: K-Pop. It is a long list of ‘current hits and groundbreaking new anthems” and is updated multiple times per week. I find it a great place to stay on top of current releases and it’s my go-to when I need to focus and get work done. I pop in the headphones and start at the beginning and voila! I am productive (usually). However, about a week ago the list started to get old and I ventured over to Spotify where I am lucky to have access to the family plan. Maybe I haven’t spent enough time on Spotify but I don’t find it great for new releases or finding the full catalog of an artist. What I do love it for is the wide selection of playlists and one that caught my attention recently was full of sexy k-grooves. Usually, if I am playing the music while working, the songs are in the background and I don’t really hear them; however, there are always songs that break-through and I then feel compelled to dig deeper.

While the sound of this song caught my attention, it was more the name of the song and the artist that made me want to dig deeper (and I can never say no to a bit of procrastination, especially when my office is now the guest bedroom). I fired up Google and then hit an immediate roadblock. As you might notice the artist’s name is ABOUT. That seems pretty straight forward until you start searching. You should try it sometime, fascinating and quickly very irritating. I started with ABOUT…not what I was looking for. Then I tried ABOUT kpop…also not what I was looking for, though interesting to see. Next came ABOUT Korean artist…at this point, I realized that I needed professional help. For those of you who don’t know KpopontheDL’s day job is in the library field, the perfect professional when you are struggling to search for something. After we agreed that it wasn’t the wisest choice of stage names, she quickly dug up his Instagram and SoundCloud account. We don’t know much about him other than his name is Taek Young and he did a few songs for Sky Castle OST.

While the title song, Ashtray, from his most recent album Miserable has a music video, this was the song that caught my attention. How can you ignore a song titled Wet Shoulder and as one commenter said it has a delightful “sultry funky vibe.” I’d recommend checking out his other releases as well and given how much I have been enjoying his music, I am almost willing to overlook his lack of forethought in choosing a stage name.

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