Kpop Workout – Part One Kpop Zumba

Posted by Stephanie on April 14, 2020


Kpop Zumba Class

With everything that’s going on, I have one goal. Well, three. Don’t get sick being number one. Don’t lose my job being number two. However, of the goals, the one I have any control over would be number three. Do not come out of this any rounder than when I went in. Turns out, I actually like being active. I like going to the gym. But I’m also someone who used to be so inactive and unhealthy I couldn’t imagine a time when I’d even see myself as one of those people who say “today, I’m going for a run.” While being forced to be a sloth is one thing, I’m determined not to roll back into previous habits. Unfortunately, comfort comes in carbs, and carbs need balance.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been walking the streets. I get up in the morning, I do 5k steps. I get off work and I go outside and do 5k more. But now? Now the weather has turned and I’m seriously stuck inside. It’s time to get creative. Or creative-er. Last week I did a Zoom Kpop workout class which made me think there has to be more out there… So today, I did some searching, made a playlist and am working my way through. Let’s check out today’s Kpop Zumba Class!

K-Kardio Dance

JHope, Chicken Noodle Soup

This was fun! Sure hope no one was able to look in my windows and see me flapping my arms about like a chicken. Though I guess if they can see in, I have bigger things to worry about.


BigBang, Bang Bang Bang

This is more like what I’m talking about! It’s like Zumba but with Kpop music and some Kpop inspired moves. So much fun!

It was after this that I cheated a bit. I liked the previous video so much that I flipped over to their channel to see if they had any more. They did! I believe the channel is Phillipino and is great! They do a lot of music styles but have more than 20 Kpop songs. They don’t give any instruction, but their moves are easy to follow along even for someone with 8 left feet like I do. there aren’t a lot of jumps or super fast choreo so I felt really good about completing them.

Black Pink, Kill This Love

This Kpop Zumba class was harder than I’d like to admit…that kid def kicked my ass.

Got7, Just Right

LOVED THIS ONE! Its fun and cute and made me smile throughout.

iKon, Rythm Ta

This one has a lot of hand movements and swag. It was pretty easy to follow along.

VIXX, Senorita

This one was slower and jumps around with dancers. The thumbnail has my favorite set because who doesn’t want to work out while also looking at cute boys?


Bonus Video

And finally, MY FAVORITE. This thing is freaking hilarious. Even if you don’t give it a try, at least give it a watch, the laughs you’ll get are totally worth it.

Super Junior, Mr. Simple


Day One? I’m calling this a success!


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  • Reply DBChen April 14, 2020 at 8:14 am

    This is going to be my kid’s PE class today. Thanks!

    • Reply Stephanie April 15, 2020 at 11:10 pm

      How did it go? Did you try the Super Junior song??

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