Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Dancing Solo

Posted by Alix on April 16, 2020


On Monday morning I fired up my computer, flipped on the bluetooth speaker and opened Spotify to blast my new favorite sexy k-groves playlist…only to discover it had disappeared over the weekend. Let me tell you, it did not make the start of the week easier but I wiped away my tear and moved on to the TrenChill K-R&B (not bad but not sexy k-grooves). Thankfully for all of us I had saved truly the best to share today.

Ladies and gentlemen, this song was true love at first listen and then when I found his most recent release it was love all the way through the album. Layone was a former independent rapper who competed on SMTM8 and was eliminated at some point. He signed with Basick’s OUTLIVE record label (SaraG will understand any significance) and released his debut album Foxiboy in September. I know, I know, this is not a very far throwback but this is all over awesomeness and anything pre-pandemic seems fair game for throwback material. 

I went back and looked at Layone’s clips from SMTM8 and he’s a charming combination of high school geek and sleek rapper. In case you didn’t pick it up already I was a fan from just the music and now seeing him perform I’m all in. Here is his solo performance from SMTM8…try not to fall for him…but if you do, you can follow him on Instagram

The album has a wide variety of songs that show the diversity of his talent and he has some nice collabs. It looks like 13 Reasons Why was the title song and there is a music video but today I wanted to share the song that sucked me in. My favorite song off the album is Telepathy but Love Paradox is a very, very close second. The song grabbed my attention from its opening lines. As I listened, I could imagine clearly a couple slow dancing in the kitchen, as dinner gently simmered on the stove. I did give a try with Lucy but dogs leave something to be desired as dance partners. So wherever you are, hopefully safe at home, blast that bluetooth speaker and shimmy your way around the kitchen.

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  • Reply Stephanie April 20, 2020 at 2:48 pm

    I was a little concerned when you mentioned R&B as historically, I’m not a fan, but I like that second song!

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