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Posted by SaraG on April 18, 2020


I’ve heard from countless people, at work, in my family (both bio and found), and amongst my friends that they are ready to be done with all of this pandemic stuff. Responders are exhausted and even the most introverty among us has been craving some human contact. I was feeling really awful one day this week and the word I used to describe it to my boss was ‘deflated.’ No matter how many hours I put in, no matter how diligently I get my shit done and fight for what I know are the right things to support the mitigation of this ongoing disaster, the end is still something of a distant promise. I don’t always feel like that, sometimes I feel proud about what’s been done and how things are moving forward. Sometimes I feel valuable in a way I never have before. 

But this week I felt flat. This week I felt like a three-day-old balloon just trying to float. This week my throat hurt from a combination of allergies and yelling over the phone. This week my stomach sank, not because projections had gotten worse (they got better!), but because I was reminded of how far out they go. This week brought us one week closer to the lifting of orders way too soon unless someone with power way greater than mine makes a smart decision. And this week marked one more week without this extrovert being petted and loved by her support network. 

One of the bright spots for me this week has been looking at some new content put out by some high ranking members of my bias list and then digging through and re-watching some of their older content to remind myself of just why I love them so. With my mom in the house, I’ve been able to stroll through some old Nu’est content and properly introduce her to her five gorgeous sons in law (she was already a Ren fan, but she does quite enjoy the others) and to share some more clips and songs with Stephanie to continue to deepen her relationship with the group. I’ve spent some early morning hours with Sewoon – watching him grow from a wisp of a singer-songwriter to the manly hunk of a vocalist he is today. And I’ve floated back and forth from early days ACE where they were working their asses off with little recognition to watching them bask in the attention one of their covers merits. 

But one of my absolute high points this week was when I finally got a chance to listen to the whole of Code Kunst’s new album People. He is, without a doubt, one of my favorite producers in all of music. My very first post – as many times as I have referenced it – was one of his songs and remains to this day one of my favorite things of all time. He is a man who loves music and knows how to take that love and turn it into even more. Kunst wasn’t one of those guys that started doing music at birth and focused solely on that…in fact, he didn’t go into music until after his military service. He signed to HIGHGRND because of his love for Tablo in 2015 but after only three years with the YG owned label, he left for AOMG to have the freedom to do what he wanted, when he wanted and to live up to his name…

Kunst is the German word for art. Code Kunst wants, no, he KNOWS that his music will be art. 

Flower, Code Kunst (ft. Jay Park, Woo, and Giriboy)

The new album is full of impressive features and lots of sound and mixing – it carefully walks the line between too much and just enough. It’s perfect. In his own words, he wanted it to show people how the life of an artist is glamorous but also lonely. It’s rich, but in many ways, empty. I love it. 

There has been a ton of amazing promotion for the album to include Kunst taking rap lyrics written by kids and putting into the title track Flower. 

Kids Write a Lyric For a Rap Song

It warms my heart to watch people I admire treat little humans as people. He’s so amazing with them. It makes it clear why young rappers all seem to be in love with him. 

AOMG Anju – Code Kunst and Punchnello

And you know what, he’s just as good with furry babies as well. This man loooooves his cats Seeroo and Panda. I had to deep dive on his content because of all of the warm and fuzzy feels I have for him. He definitely made me feel better. I know I can do another week of this now. 

AOMG PetTube – ep. 3 Code Kunst


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