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Posted by Stephanie on April 19, 2020


With things being what they are, the Denver Kpop Crew has put a halt to our Friday night gatherings, affectionately known as Friday Night At SaraG’s House, What Are We Going To Eat? And Do We Have Enough Prosecco? Sure, we and a few others gather for a virtual version of it Saturday nights, but it’s almost three years and my plans for Fridays have almost always been going to SaraG’s. Honestly, turns out, I’m not certain what to do with myself otherwise. Do I watch a drama? Do I work on the site? Do I read? I DON’T KNOW. It leaves me all out of sorts, and in a time where I constantly feel on edge and out of sorts, its not always the nicest feeling. So when SaraG mentioned she was planning on spending part of her night watching the new series Nu’est Lab which got us thinking about how much we love Nu’est, I realized what I was going to do, Nu’est and I were going to have a date night. I’d catch up on all of the hours and hours of Nu’est content out there that I’ve missed out of the years.

Now, what should I wear? Hmmm….

With so much content to catch up on, it’s hard to figure out what to watch and if left to my own devices, I’ll just continue to watch that episode where they go to the Japanese amusement part over and over again. So to the depths of the chat I have with SaraG and Leila for all of the Nu’est content they’ve sent out in the last couple of weeks that I’ve missed.

This one I think is a behind the scenes of a phone CV he’s working on, otherwise why is he posing with potted plants? Sure, I like plants, but I’m never like…hey, I must have a selfie with this fern.

While I know I should have learned from this that Minhyun doesn’t really like video games except this soccer one, I’m really more interested in all the books he has behind him. Minhyun appears to be a reader!

This thing is BONKERS. No idea what it’s about? Is this just a cat farm they like? Are they supporting it in some way? Or did they just see this and go, that’s cute, let’s do a video about this video?

Here, we all took a break to get some dinner, a baked potato we were all very unexcited about, and decided to catch the night time news. The boys comforted me while I cried and then we all decided it was best to get back to our cozy time marathon. In this next video I did wonder why it looks like Ren is wearing Baeko’s pants, but as I would also wear Baekho’s pants if given a chance, I can’t really blame him. I also love the idea of them looking back to old Nu’est and being embarrassed about it! They premiered 8 years ago, plenty of time to be embarrassed by past you! But Baekho and his, shrug “I like it.” gives me all the warm fuzzies.

This challenge they were going to try and make Dukkboki, one by one they were tasked to go into a room one by one where a table was set with the ingredients needed were set up, grab one and go into the kitchen. The staff would then replace the item and send the next member in and the team just had to hope they’d end up with all the ingredients needed to make the dish. HAHHAHAHAHA This was hilarious, the idea that everyone knew Ren was not going to think to grab the right item, that he would choose what he wanted instead of the team, shows how well these guys know each other.

Sometimes I like these fanmade videos as their sole purpose usually is to give you that feeling of awwwwww…. I’m not certain this one was as effective as it could have been, but I’m now on a mission to find a subbed version of the LiVE they did. (The part where they are in their pajamas.) If you have a link to it subbed, you hand it over!

This one I haven’t finished yet, as I was interrupted by a new person on my Nu’est date!

SaraG! When she heard I’d planned on a date night with her boys, she offered up that once she was done with all her responsibilities, if I could wait, we’d all watch their new show together. A six-tuple date with SaraG and Nu’est? How could a girl say no to that offer? (Spoiler alert: I didn’t.) We watched this ridiculous show together and it was over way too fast. They all look gooooood and it’s so cute that as soon as JR was reunited with Aron he draped himself over him in seconds. We did wonder where Ren was for a while, and then realized this was probably shot after he lost his grandfather. I’m so glad they gave him the chance to go home after that. I want to give big hugs to him and also to his made family for carrying on without him.

Once we were done, and let me tell you, it was over way too quickly, SaraG weren’t quite ready to break up our date and she popped up this performance with Cheetah and Baekho on a show called The Call2. SWOOON. Even fully dressed Baekho is a lot to take in, but when he takes off that shirt? And beneath that was an outfit with straps? BEST DATE EVER. Even if they did make him cover up his tattoos.


Unfortunately, it was late and SaraG had to bow back out and go to bed, and she encouraged me to do the same, but I wasn’t ready to stop. I was on a roll and determined to keep going. I’d fallen so far down the rabbit hole, I’m watching things WITHOUT SUBS. Look what babies they are!

Finally, it was time to think about wrapping it up, and I decided to watch one last video, the Nu’cket list. This show is where members of Nu’est list off something from their bucket list and then, you know, do it. In this episode, Baekho and Minhyun decide to go ziplining. Which, after seeing what a scardy cat Baekho is during the amusement park, I was pretty surprised by. This video is also pretty interesting as it takes place during the epidemic, as you can tell by their careful use of their cars jugs of hand sanitizer (that was dreamy, could you imagine one of these guys showing up on your doorstep with a jug of hand sanitizer? Better than flowers.) The episode stops just before they zipline but part 2 came out on Sunday and I’m excited to check it out!


My date night with Nu’est was exactly what my nerves needed. Just watching these cozy, crazy, competitive, petty, guys interacting with each other made me happy. Or happier. I ended the night with a smile on my face that wasn’t there at the start. I’d definitely have a second date with them!

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