Khottie of the Week: Jaehyun Supurlatives

Posted by Stephanie on April 19, 2020

Khottie of the Week

This week I struggled a bit to come up with an idea for Khottie, man, had I forgotten about that struggle! I’m currently still residing happily within my Nu’est bubble, but as I am resolved to hold off on them until SaraG and I can do a proper Kpop School, I wracked my brain to come up with other, non-Nu’est related content. I put out a call (please read that as a whine) to SaraG for inspiration and she happily bombarded me with ideas. There was one in particular which stuck with me based on a video from 2019 part of the KBS Song Festival where a bunch of various Jaehyuns from different groups got together and put on a show….

First off, check out the video here.

See? Wasn’t that adorable? We squeeed the whole way through. I bet you’re wondering though…however are you going to tell all those Jaehyuns apart? Well, here’s a handy-dandy little key of the various Jaehyun models for you.

The Boyfriend Jaehyun

This Jaehyun is Jung Jaehyun.

Member of NCT, primarily lead vocalist and rapper of NCT 127.

He has smoldering boyfriend eyes.

See? He has this ability to look through the camera and into your soul (and by soul, please read that as lady bits.)

This picture was a reminder to me to go out and dig up more Jaehyun fanfics of which I think I’ve read zero, which is a real screw up on my part.

Jaehyun. NCT. Eyesmolder-er. Perfect boyfriend material


The Class Clown Jaehyun

This would be Kim Jaehyun.

Drummer of N.Flying.

He and his bandmates are a loveable band of goofballs.

Known primarily (by me) for his wide bright grin.

I was cheering him on so hard while he took place in the performance, keeping up with those trained dancers. Go Jaehyun, Go!

Jaehyun. N.Flying. Wide smiled goofball.

The Jailbait Jaehyun

This would be Bong Jaehyun.

Member of the group Golden Child.

At 21, he hasn’t met the 24 year age requirement to be a Khottie, but for this post we’re giving him a pass.

I don’t really know who this other fella is, but something tells me this shot may have inspired a fanfic or two.

Fun Jaehyun fact to amaze your friend at that virtual cocktail hour? He lived in Wisconsin for two years!

Jaehyun. Golden Child. Jaehyun Makae.


The Faux Jaehyun

Not sure how this guy snuck in but this is NOT a Jaehyun, he’s actually a Lee Hyunjae.

He’s the lead vocalist, lead dancer and visual of The Boyz.

Though as Leila told me, It appears at though every member of The Boyz is a visual.

Who are we to disagree?

As I don’t know The Boyz, I can’t tell you if this picture inspired a fanfic, however, you stand two pretty members of a pop group together, and someone probably wrote a fanfic about them.

Hyunjae. The Boyz. Not a Jaehyun.

There you go! With this handy dandy guide now you too will be able to tell your Jaehyuns apart!


….Editors note, turns out? Hyunjae? IS a Jaehyun, his stage name is Hyunjae. Perhaps because there are apparently a lot of Jaehyuns out there.

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  • Reply Robin N April 20, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    It’s almost unfair: he’s talented and remarkably good-looking and seems to be a pretty normal, nice guy. What’s not to love?

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