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Posted by Stephanie on April 23, 2020


I usually try to stay away from Facebook as a rule, however, every now and then I pop on to chat with friends. One of these times I was there for a cursory visit, a page popped up in my feed: Hello82. The video that went along with it caught my eye, apparently, it’s a Facebook-specific series where fans get to have 82 minutes with their favorite kpop stars. My heart skipped a little beat when it flashed snippets of an episode with NCT 127. Come on, if they got NCT 127, this has to be legit, right??

As of Thursday, there are two episodes out, the first one with Chungha and the second is the first part of NCT!

Since it’s not my week to edit the podcast, I have a little time on my hands so I snuck in the episode and I’m happy to say it’s just as delightful and awkward as one might hope! Essentially, Emmi is at home, thinking she’s doing an interview talking about NCT 127, why she loves them, and what she would want to do if she ever got to meet them. And, a girl after my own heart, she’d like to take them to dinner as feeding someone is caring for them.

What she doesn’t know is quietly up the stairs? Johnny, Doyoungie, and Taeyong tiptoe their way behind her.

On the count of three, give the girl the coolest fangirl experience she’s ever encountered. Rather than having her take them for a meal, they’ve agreed to cook her whatever she wants, or, as Johnny puts it, choose pizza and salad because that’s all they know how to make.

How cute is that??

They stumble through making pizza and joke that it’s now like Korean pizza as it has every ingredient on it, which made me laugh as that very moment I was also chatting to my friend Jami about the post I was writing on the Korean Star Shaped Pizza we made while I visited there over the holidays. (Look for the post soon!) How did the pizza turn out? Well, let’s just say we had better luck with the Star Shaped Pizza.

Also, I hope they don’t actually eat that or someone is chipping a veneer.

I’m happy to say this is only part one so we’ll be able to see the rest of Emmi’s 82-minute visit next episode. I CAN’T WAIT! And I’m actually excited to check out the rest of the series…I guess Facebook can be more than angry political posts and COVID memes.

If you could be on this show, who would you choose? What would you want to do?


Guys. Guys. I didn’t realize The Ateez Challenge was also part of Hello82! Looks like I’ll be trying out that series next!

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