Throwback (Musical) Thursday: New Definitions

Posted by Alix on April 23, 2020


In a chat today somebody mentioned that kpop is the only thing that has been keeping them sane…this was followed by a comment from someone else that they had passed sane awhile back. Normal…sane…what does any of that really mean anymore and I so totally agree with both comments. Thankfully one of the #klife things that defy changing definitions (or at least pandemic impacted definitions) is the ultimate bias and I’m thrilled that mine has finally returned! So for those of you who don’t interact with me on a regular basis, this might come as somewhat of a surprise especially if we haven’t had the who’s your UB conversation lately. Yes, it was originally TOP and I was pretty certain that that was a love that would defy everything but then almost two years ago things started to shift. Maybe I became saner (or less sane) or needed a new normal and then, quietly, with little fanfare…he wasn’t anymore. Sitting quietly on the sidelines, ever since I first saw Splash Splash Love, was Yoon Doo Joon and suddenly he was center stage…new UB…new normal. 

If you read a lot of my posts you’ll notice the common theme of talking about change and how that’s the only thing we can depend on…change always happens. I think I mention it a lot as it’s something I’ve always struggled with. I like my routines and knowing what my normal will be now…and next month. It’s oddly why I crave travel. It forces me out of my routines and throws me into situations where I don’t know everything and can’t control everything. And then I can come home to the comfort of what’s normal. As you can imagine, and I would guess is true for many, if not all of us, this current situation is throwing me into that situation where I can’t know and control what often feels like anything, and there is no place to retreat from it. 

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that things shift, normal really does always change, we become saner or less sane or were really never that sane to begin with. But having some constants, whether that be your UB, a favorite song, album, or artist, or excitement for comebacks that never grows old, helps us to define a new normal and keep up when it feels like the ground beneath your feet isn’t stable. So today we go back to where it all began, with Beast’s debut song Bad Girl. I know (and love) Highlight much better than I know Beast, mostly due to the fact that I wasn’t around the #klife for most of Beast, so it’s already a different normal for me. What happened last year is still a sore spot and yet again shifted what defined normal to be for this group. I know that while we will likely never have the old version of Highlight again, we will have a new version or variation that will help to define a new, dare I say, normal. 

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