Stay Home Saturday: Korean Pizza Hut Star Edged Pizza

Posted by Stephanie on April 25, 2020


As many of us are hanging around with plenty of time on our hands and literally no place to go, we find our selves sitting back, remembering things we did in the past, things we wanted to do, and always meant to do. Some of us hope to take this time to take care of those things, and I’m no different. Scrolling through my camera feed I’m reminded of all the fun times I’ve had, all the experience I meant to write posts about, you know, when I had time. In that spirit, I’m going to attempt a series of posts called Stay Home Saturdays highlighting these things until I’m safely out of here and can start experiencing things on the regular again. These posts could include Korean Cooking Projects, Kpop Craft Projects, Concert Posts.

I thought about holding onto this one, as it’s pretty cool, but let’s start off with a bang! Recreating Pizza Hut’s Korean Star Edged Pizza!

When I went to Vermont last year over the holidays to visit my dear, dear friends the McFeeleys, we created a list of all the things we wanted to do during my stay. As you can see from below, not only do we take lists VERY seriously, we are also overachievers having accomplished everything.


Today we’re going to focus on Korean Pizza. How did this get on the list? Well, when I was in Korea last year, Jami was one of the darlings who was all….’tell me everything’! I enjoyed giving her a blow by blow of my time there as I experienced things. And Jami especially loved my tipsi texts… BECAUSE SHE IS A TIPSI STEPHANIE SUPPORTER. When Team South Korea finally went to a pizza place, crossing off one of my big wish list items, (I’d heard Korean Pizza was CRAZY.) I sent her photos and tried to explain these crazy things. Sweet potato mousse? All the meat in the world? Well, this was something they needed to experience.

While we had time, and since it was on our list, (and as you see here, we took our list very seriously) we did research on the types of pizza we wanted to try and make. I pulled up two of the pizza companies I knew about so we could take a look at real Korean Pizza menus.

Pizza School (This pizza chain actually had a location in same building as our AirB&B in Busan and we’d pass while headed out on our travels and always MEAN to eat there, but never did.)

Cheddar Cheese Mayo???

Also, there was Mr. Pizza which is the one brand I knew about while headed to Korea thanks to some Eat Your Kimchi videos on Korean Pizza. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t appear to be working so I can’t share all the really crazy pizzas they have here. (I hope they are making it through okay!) Here are some pics I was able to grab offline.

Cheese cap? Mocha bun? Woah.

But it wasn’t until we hit the gold that is Pizza Hut’s Star Pizza where we knew we had a winner. Look at this magnificent/crazy thing!

Not sold? Lets take a looks as to what actually goes into creating this pizza…

Yes, that is apple/cranberry/creamcheese stuffed crusts you’re seeing there. How about one more push? How about this commercial with Lee Seung Gi?

Well, if it’s good enough for Lee Seung Gi? It’s good enough for us. Pizzas chosen, we went to choose our ingredients as some modifications needed to be made.

Seafood? Nope. Not if we wanted Jami to eat it.
Sausage? Does kielbasa work? Sure, it’s a meat product in a casing.
Bulgogi? Luckily we had that on hand.
Bacon. Of course.
Creamcheese? Apples? Cranberries? This is an American kitchen! Already on hand.

Let’s assemble! (Remembering we don’t have an exact recipe, we’re just going off pictures and the falling ingredients in that youtube commercial.

Assemble filling. You can see from the picture we clearly cheated here, each star was supposed to be filled with either cranberry and cream cheese or apple and cream cheese, but we ain’t got no time for that so we mixed them all together. It was going to be pockets of cream cheese in crust, we figured we’d get the gist either way.

Jami is a pizza-making fiend, as every Friday it’s homemade pizza and Running Man night for Casa McFeeley. She whipped up the dough for us and we rolled it out, spread regular spaghetti sauce and regular cheese leaving about a two-inch ring around the edge. Then to the real magic!

We cut the dough, almost up to the sauces in what we figured to be foldable sections.

Snip! Snip! Snip!

Then we got to stuffing and folding! We put a spoonful of the mix into each of the sections.

Then we kind of folded and tucked, around the top, creating something that resembles you sitting on a couch, wrapped up in a blanket.

Oh yeahhhhhh that looks…..delicousous? Also, now I want to sit on my couch wrapped up in a blanket.

Then we proceeded to Stuff, Stuff, Stuff, fold, fold, fold until the whole pizza was done.

Then you know what time it was? TOPPING TIME

See this? Yep,that’s kielbasa, that’s bulgogi, yes that’s corn. (If you don’t know this, corn is a surprisingly very important ingredient to Korean pizza, even more surprisingly, also very important to pastries.)

But you don’t think that’s all do you? HELLZ NO! We’re just beginning! Take a look at this masterpiece!

Yes, that’s broccoli, that’s more bulgogi, more corn, red and yellow peppers, more cheese, more corn, and, if I’m not mistaken, bacon! I think the stars are actually needed at this point in order to hold in this amount of topping. Now it’s time to put this magnificent beast in the oven!

How can you not want a piece of that? And that’s prebaked! Are you ready? Ready? Reaaadddy?

Now for some food porn…

It worked! No real leakage, the toppings all stayed on. And, it was good! Weird. But good! Kind of like eating dessert and dinner at the same time. Multitasking! We’re mother flipping multi-tasking! I’m going to totally have to make this for the Colorado Crew when we’re allowed to be back for a Friday night gathering again!


  • Reply kfangurl April 26, 2020 at 9:07 pm

    Wow, you guys are such advanced pizza chefs!!! That looks so professional!!! 😀

    • Reply Stephanie April 29, 2020 at 7:09 pm

      With shrugs, excited giggles, and ‘eh, that’ll do’ we’re super professional!

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