Musical Monday: Lifelong Learning

Posted by Alix on April 27, 2020


I don’t enjoy writing, I would even go as far as to say I dislike writing. I mean, obviously, I can write, as evidenced by the posts but it’s always been a struggle to come up with what to say, and then whatever I formulate in my head never sounds as good when I transfer it to paper. My job thankfully doesn’t require much writing beyond emails but when the grant reports come due or I need to write up a project narrative, I push it off until the last minute. I was getting bored doing khottie and, with SaraG MIA, this was a great opportunity to try out something new. I’m finding that writing these posts is pushing me to learn new techniques and tricks, and that dislike might be slowly be moving to I actually think I can do this!

This past week SaraG texted that she was writing down names from all the new groups she wanted to learn so she could start memorizing during the endless meetings. It got me thinking that maybe I should do the same thing but then like writing I don’t easily jump into the new group learning process. Usually, it comes from a spark, a flash of inspiration and connection that says to me ‘dude, you need to learn this group.” And I always find it fascinating what is the thing that sparks a desire to learn. 

I’ve been following Road to Kingdom because Pentagon is participating and I desperately want them to do well. While I hope they blow the rest of the competition out of the water (sorry!), I did get curious about a very new nugu group called TOO and decided to investigate further. Haven’t learned any names yet but this might be the spark…stay tuned! 

TOO (Ten Orientated Orchestra) debuted on April 1st with the album REASON FOR BEING: 仁 (Benevolence) and was launched by n.CH Entertainment (which is a subsidiary of CJ ENM). The group was formed through the Mnet survival show To Be World Klass where 20 male trainees from across the globe competed for 10 spots in a global idol group. The concept is that each of the members represents one of the 10 fundamental values of ancient Eastern philosophy. They range in age from 18-21 and even more interesting is that the final ten are all Korean. While researching this weekend, I came across this short and cute video and it gives you a taste of the group’s personality. 

The title track of their debut album is Magnolia. I like that instead of going with the often cute concept for newer groups they came out of the gate with a strong hard-hitting song. It’s clear that a lot was invested in the music video as it’s high quality and well done. I’m always a fan of the heavy mix of rapping and vocals and this group delivers, along with well-choreographed moves. I’ve listened to the rest of the debut album a few times and it’s solid. A particular favorite is their cover of You Can’t Hurry Love…so true when it comes to both love and learning. 

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