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Posted by Stephanie on April 29, 2020


As requests for adds kept coming, “Hey, have you seen this?” “I think you’d love this one!”, inevitably of dramas I was in the process of simulcasting (and loving) I realized we were past due for an update to the LGBT or BL lists. Factually speaking, I’m earlier than usual, but, as the majority of you reading are gulping down BL at a rate almost as fast as mine, I’ve come to the other realization… I need to update the lists at a faster pace. Maybe I should squee here on the site over what shows are being consumed during the weekly BL and Bubbles sessions instead of just the podcast? Anyway, we have some fun ones this time around, some I’m watching or are on the calendar to watch as soon as they become available. (Yes, there is a BL and Bubbles calendar.)

I’m excited about this round as, when possible, I’ve also added in teasers!

South Korea

Dom (2018)
Short Film
Kingdom, a condom for convenience stores, is selected and sold by Ji Hoon. Kingdom is presented to Hyun Duk, Ji Hoon’s lover, but when he wakes up, he finds himself in an unexpected place. What is the final destination of Kingdom?


Where Your Eyes Linger (2020)
This series tells the story about Tae Joo, the 18-year-old only successor to the TB Group. He is blessed with a wealthy family, good looks, and no troubles to worry for often described as a handsome guy in the spotlight. His 18-year-old bodyguard, Goo Koo, has been trained in all different types of martial arts and is physically trained to have a strong body. He is also very thoughtful, and Tae Joo is his only friend, while Goo Koo is the only person Tae Joo feels as though he can trust, and feels relieved around him.

Short Drama/Gay


Family Plan (2016)
Nine years ago, two high school girls in love came up with a whimsical idea to have a child together who would resemble both of them. Now one of them is getting married and it’s time to put their plan in action.

Short Film/Lesbian/Open Ending

Don’t Say Sorry (2018)
Choi Yeon, who is rumored to be a lesbian, doesn’t care about the rumors. However, she feels special about Ha-gyeong’s friendly manners. Choi Yeon gets confused when the rumors about her become true.
Short film/ Lesbian

Between The Seasons (2020)

Hae Soo moves to another city and opens a cafe to start her new life. Ye Jin, a high school girl and frequent customer, starts to work at the cafe and falls for Hae Soo. Ye Jin confesses her love to Hae Soo when she is sure about her feelings.


Am I The Only One With Butterflies? (2018)
I met her on the first day of work.
My stomach is fluttering with butterflies because of my manager nowadays.
Am I the only one with butterflies?

Movie/Unrequited Love/ Lesbian


Mr Yan Dong! Don’t Come Over (2018)
Xia Mi Hu went to the long-awaited DC company interview. Yan Dong, a legendary interviewer, suddenly confessed to him. He was shocked to return to his dorm room and he received the good news of the interview.



En Of Love Series (3 Parts)

Tossara (2020)

Gun Tossakan is a very bright and tall medical faculty freshman who has been in love with the popular third-year Engineering major and head hazer, Bar Sarawat, ever since he was in high school.
Although at that time Gun was unable to confess his feelings because of the promise he made to his mum to not date until he passed high school, once he enters university fate has very different plans for him.
The world is small, and a university is smaller. Being popular students at the same university leads Gun and Bar to collide with each other again and again until Gun succeeds in wooing Bar. Or maybe Bar too has a confession to make?

Stephanie’s Take: This one be creepy. I’m pretty sure we’re watching the origin story of a serial killer.

Love Engineer (2020)

A love story that starts one night in a club — between an engineering major, Mark, who is absolutely drunk and carrying the painful burden of his one-sided love, and the boy (Vee) who he bumps into and mistakes as the object of his affection, Bar Sarawut. This is an imperfect love story between two imperfect human beings.

Stephanie’s Note: Watching this currently, its better than the first in the series, which, isn’t really saying a lot.

This is Love Story (2020)

A love story about how the engineering faculty’s resident playboy, Neur, secretly falls in love with Pra-Ram, a senior in high school and younger brother of Gun Tossakan (TOSSARA) — and how he wins the boy, and his brother over.


2Gether: The Series (2020)
Tine is a very handsome student and cheerleader in college, while Sarawat is one of the campus’ most popular guys and is also in the soccer and music club.  When Tine is chased by Green, who he does not reciprocate feelings for — he ends up begging Sarawat to fake date with him in order to chase Green away. 

Somehow, just like the tale as old as time goes — pretend somehow starts to turn into reality. However, before a “happily ever after” there is the process of falling in love, and the slow realization that somehow they aren’t pretending anymore. Somehow, they do not want to.

Stephanie’s Note: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! It gets me all swoony. I’m crossing my fingers it stays that way through the finish.

YYY (2020)
A new Y-series sitcom series, breaking all the rules in this world. That will come to disturb everyone in this April. Come and join the amazing apartment together.


Motor-Cycle The Series (2020)
It all starts on the day on which Run, a stubborn young boy who loves to ride motorcycles, meets a stranger and accepts his challenge. Run and the stranger have a street race, but an accident leaves Run unconscious. The stranger quickly helps him by reanimating him. That is Run and Mike’s first kiss.
Fate makes them meet again. While looking for a workshop, Run discovers that Mike is a motorcycle mechanic. As they grow closer, he also finds out that Mike already has a girlfriend. While being confused by his own feelings, Mike accidentally sees Run kissing another guy, Bus, and that hurts him. Things get complicated when Run meets King, who promises to race alongside him. The competition between Mike and Run is about to intensify.



Because of You 2020 (2020)
Growing up in a large, wealthy family, the three Yuan brothers never wanted for anything. Despite the three of them being only half brothers, the trio was incredibly close, their familial bonds undeniably strong. Whatever the brothers faced, they always faced together. But as they grew older, they began to realize that some things they just couldn’t share, especially when it came to matters of the heart.
Now older, Yuan Jun Cheng, Yuan Jun Dao, and Yuan Jun Ping have all felt the overwhelming tide of emotions that comes with love. But the journey has been anything but easy. Fighting against the sweeping tide of feelings that have continually beat against them, telling them things like “no”, “impossible”, and “cannot”, the three brothers must find a way to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges, as they pursue that which the heart wants most of all: to be loved.

Stephanie’s Note: So we’re just supposed to pretend we don’t notice the one brother is speaking an entirely different language all the time? If he understands and can speak Mandarin and apparently they can all understand and speak Korean, JUST CHOOSE ONE. The couples are super cute though.


Love Stage!! (2020)
With a father who’s a singer, a mother who’s a movie star, and an older brother Shougo who’s the lead vocalist for the super-popular band “The Crusherz,” Sena Izumi—an otaku college student—is the only dull one born into this super-famous and talented family. He loves “Magical Girl LalaLulu” and is working hard to become a mangaka, but one day he winds up appearing in a TV commercial he just can’t turn down. There, he’s reunited with Ichijou Ryouma, the super-popular young actor he costarred with on a project ten years prior.


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    Because of You 2020.

    I think you mean the Korean brother understands Mandarin, not Thai.

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      Thanks for the heads up! I keep forgetting this show isn’t Thai!

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