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Posted by Alix on April 30, 2020


I’m mixing it up for today and trying out something that is along the lines of a drama review but isn’t really. I watch a lot of dramas and have considered writing reviews on occasion but struggle with the right approach to take. Should I go into detail on the show, with episode by episode details that ends up throwing spoilers at the reader; or, should I focus on the general awesomeness or not so awesomeness and end up with a post that basically says watch it?

I’m guessing most of you read the opening with bated breath, little emoji question marks forming over your head, desperate to learn what is Playlist Global. Well, I’m very glad you asked. Playlist Global is a South Korean mobile drama/short film production company that shares the majority of it’s content on social media platforms, most often Facebook and YouTube. Since the beginning, I’ve always been a fan of web dramas. I like being able to watch a full episode in less than 20 minutes while eating dinner or right before sleeping as opposed to needing to find 45+ minutes in an often busy day. It first appeared for me in my YouTube suggestions at least two years ago and I keep going back.

As you look through their YouTube you’ll notice there is a LOT of content. They are constantly putting out new shorts, always with English subs, and it’s been consistently high quality since the beginning. It’s clear that the target audience is teens and 20s but I’m guessing that’s not a deterrent for many of us. It is also a big jumping-off point for both idol and non-idol actors. I’ve found some favorite actors through these shows and followed them as they moved into bigger productions. Regardless, the stories, which have elements of cute, focus on real characters with real issues that remind me of my high school and college years. While not at all angsty, more than once I’ve found myself tearing up at feeling the pain of lost love or changing dreams…or just the general trials and tribulations of growing up.

I haven’t watched everything on the channel but before I share some favorites a suggestion to make watching easier. I’ve only ever watched on YouTube but the titling of episodes can be confusing and I’ll find myself constantly checking I am on the right one. They have playlists for all the completed shows and I recommend using those.

A-Teen Season 1: This originally aired in 2018 but I watched it this past fall. One of the female leads is from the k-pop group April and the male leads will be familiar to you if you’ve recently watched Moments of Eighteen or Itaewon Class. The story centers around a group of high school students and how they navigate friendship, first loves and high school life. It’s sweet and the theme song is by Seventeen.

XX: I actually watched this on Viki and then discovered it was by Playlist Global, so you can find it in either place. This is a great drama about two female friends who have a falling out and then are thrown together a few years later and have to navigate the past and present. It has two very strong female characters (Hani from EXID being one) and I loved watching them rebuild trust and their relationship. The two supporting male characters, one who is gay, are just solid overall great guys.

Ending again: This is the most recent release on YouTube and I’m a sucker for a contract marriage. Focused on romantic relationships, it explores the choices one makes when faced with the return of one’s first love (a 8-year relationship) or a fresh start with a new love. I was torn through all 12 episodes between who she should pick and it was definitely more bittersweet than cute. It was a great easy watch in the early days of the stay at home order.

So go check out PLaylist Global and all they offer and I look forward to hearing what you end up watching!



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