Musical Monday: Still Dreaming

Posted by Alix on May 4, 2020


I told myself that I wouldn’t write another post that mentioned any pandemic associated musings but turns out not much else features prominently at the moment. Music has always been a way to reflect on and process everything that’s happening in life by reminding me of what is important and always providing that sense of connection to something larger.

In the early days of staying at home, it felt like the world had collapsed to just my house and a 2-mile radius. Instead of looking forward to when the next kpop show would be or planing for the next big trip, it became what snack will Stephanie and I order for the weekly virtual BL and Bubbles. Life still needed the power of anticipation but instead of being 8 months out, it was focused on 3 days away. I’d let go of, or given up on future dreams and plans in the need to get through the immediate future.

And then this past week two things happened. I’ve been changing up my computer background on an almost daily basis and on Tuesday stumbled across one of walking paths all over the world. Staring at it, as it rotated through the 15 different scenes, I felt the desire to plan and dream big start to creep back. An empty path disappearing into the distance has always brought out my desire to explore and adventure and it’s hard not to resist the call.

And second, NCT Dream had their comeback. I fell for NCT Dream in the summer of 2018, when We Go Up became my anthem to get through the ongoing challenges of life. Multiple times that fall SaraG would play it for me in her office to get me hyped up for whatever needed to be dealt with. Even with Mark graduating out last year I still go back over and over to anything Dream and I am so happy to know that we will continue to get this unit in the future.

I might be prejudiced, but all the songs on the mini-album are worth multiple listens. A particular favorite of SaraG and myself is Puzzle Piece and go check out the mini music video they did as a teaser, it’s hard not to feel your heart clench. The title song is Ridin’ and they have graced us with both a Ridin’ and a Rollin’ version. Thank you SM for multiple versions of the styling and so many opportunities to watch my favorite Jaemin and his Jeno…and Chenle with black hair…and Renjun is just hot…and Jisung is almost a grown-up and I know KpopontheDL greatly appreciates anything Haechan. The song itself is fun and an excellent summer anthem. A perfect song for exploring the open road or dreaming about meandering on a winding path, eagerly anticipating what might be over that distant hill.


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