Kpop Workout: Part 3 NCT Kickboxing

Posted by Stephanie on May 7, 2020


Kpop Workout - NCT KickboxingI appear to be losing the battle. The battle not to come out of this thing rounder than when I came in. It’s not a huge difference, but its a difference and a slippery slope indeed. As I’ve mentioned in the past though. STEPHANIE ISN’T A QUITTER. So we’re stepping our Kpop Workout up a notch. While furlough budget has forced me to stop paying for WW, I’m attempting SaraG’s method, intermittent fasting. As, surprisingly, I have the activity down, I just need to get those noms under control. Mmmm….nommmmsss. On top of that, I’m bumping up the activity game. Cardio is going from a half-hour to 45 minutes or an hour. I can actually feel myself getting stronger. In order to do these workouts, I have to move my giant rug out of the way (as something tells me a wool rug and Kpop cardio just won’t mix) and now I can heft this goliath out of the way in one pick up and toss rather than the shuffle and roll I had to do when I first started.

Anyway, let’s get this thin going!

Under (K)Pop – Idol Body Kickboxing Cardio Workout with Dreamcatcher

While I am liking the shorter K-Cardio dance workouts, it’s these longer, more focused videos that really make me sweat. This one is a bit of a cheat as it’s simply kpop laid on top of another workout video. But you can still hear the girl talk at you, the moves are pretty basic and easy to do. Plus, I really like the BigBang cover they do!


Under (K)Pop [IDOL BODY] Kickboxing Cardio Workout with NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream, WAYV

Since I did that the first video, I might as well show you this one as, once I realized I liked that kpop workout, I went to the person’s channel to see what else they had and found another kickboxing video again someone else’s video with a round of various NCT blaring behind it. Sounds bad but it really works. No lie, I do this one all the time and now I can say I can do burpees!

K-Kardio Dance – BTS, Go Go

You know when you first heard this song and it just made you want to move…and smile? Well, now you can do both!

Live Love Party – BigBang, Fantastic Baby

One of my favorites! It makes sense as this is the very first song that got me into kpop.

Live Love Party – Psy, Daddy

So. Much. Fun. Turns out I really like this song and you can tell that the people behind it had a good time doing it. I love the Psy hip swish part. You will know it when you get there.


Bonus Video

This week’s just for fun! Workout in hanboks! Inspired by the Park Bo Gum promotional dance for that movie he did. The historical one? I think it was Moonlight Drawn By Clouds? You get to do a fun dance with ladies in hanboks with the surprise reward of the Park Bo Gum video at the end. Turns out? It’s still just as charming. SWOOON.


While I might have lost the battle! I’m not ready to give up the war. I’ll be doing these workouts before work in the morning! Come on, we can do this!

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