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Posted by Stephanie on May 8, 2020


Ravi Ticket PricesThe more I think about this the more irritated…angry I get. Which is no real surprise as my base emotional level seems to be hovering around resting b-face. I actively find myself having to hold back from just shouting at random people I meet in the street or building. I’ve stopped (or mostly) stopped going on Facebook as even well-meaning people seem to be acting dumb. So let’s just say I’ve been simmering lately.

Enter Ravi and the sale of tickets to his US concert tour.

I received several notices this week from Studio PAV, “Hey Denver, don’t forget to buy tickets on Friday for the Ravi concert!” Um. What? Are you telling me an artist, a management company, and a concert promoter are actually attempting to get us to buy tickets for a concert? Have they not seen what is going on in this country right now? Sure, for better or worse we’re starting to emerge from the half-assed lockdown we participated in. Sure, businesses are starting to take the first tentative steps to reopen. But we’re nowhere near even being within shouting distance of being over this. And you want us to buy tickets to a concert?

I’m angry on several fronts. Excuse me while I try to organize my thoughts.

  1. Safety for the attendees. Sure, the concert is for August. Things could be a lot better in August. For all of us involved, I hope things are going to be better in August. But WE DON’T KNOW. Things could be worse in August. And, even if things are in a more functioning situation then, are we really going to be in a place where we’re going to want to be in huge crowds of people? Everyone packed in together, body to body, screaming, singing, breathing, coughing on each other? You’ve been to a concert before. You know what it’s like. Sure we want to come back to life. But how can we ever expect to do that if we don’t attempt it in a responsible manner? Attempting something like a concert tour before we have any definitive data or safety net is irresponsible.
  2. Safety of Ravi and staff. Sure, South Korea might have a handle on their virus situation. It could possibly be safe to do something like this in South Korea (but I doubt it), here in the US as cases are on the rise, it’s not. At least not any time soon. And to send Ravi into a situation where they’re talking VVIPs, which usually include multiple interactions with the artists, into crowds of people breathing and screaming at him is dangerous. Shouldn’t they be looking out for him and their own people better than this?
  3. Money. Unemployment is at an astronomical level here in the US. I’m usually one of those people who are setting their alarms, making fake work meetings in order to be able to get the best tickets I can. Present-day Stephanie? I’m taking a hard look at all of the money I have tied up in concert tickets which have been postponed or are yet to be postponed. Guess what? Unless they cancel the tour officially? I don’t get my money back. It sits there in limbo, waiting for the tour to be rescheduled and then, at that time, if the new dates don’t work for you, then you can get your money back. Who knows how long my money for concerts I’d purchased post-COVID is going to be tied up? As someone currently on furlough, let me tell you, I want to support these groups, hate to take money away from them, or make them cancel tours, but I could really use that cash. Sure, they could be all, “We’re going to keep an eye out and make sure everything is safe, and make a decision then.” but what if that decision is to postpone? I just can’t justify that sort of cash.
  4. Are we going to be ready mentally in a few months? This is actually something I’m struggling with as neither this month’s NCT concert tour nor Monsta X’s June tour have been postponed or canceled yet. What happens if they decide to go forward? I’ve never been in a situation where I haven’t wanted to go to a concert before. But say everything starts to get better, numbers start to plateau or creep downwards, is May, June, or August going to be far enough away for me to be safe in a huge crowd? If I get angry and want to knee people in unpleasant places if they aren’t wearing a mask on the street or won’t social distance me? What’s it going to be like in a big concert venue? Am I going to be able to enjoy the music or am I going to be overwhelmed and spend my time wondering if I’m going to catch something? If the group I love is going to catch something?


I know there is a time where these things are going to become normal again. that we’re going to have to crawl out of our holes and rejoin a society past the screen of Google Hangouts. There is going to have to be someone who’s going to be the first one to do a concert. But now? Selling tickets when people are dying by the hundreds every day just seems wrong.



  • Reply humbledaisy1 May 9, 2020 at 12:21 am

    Travel to something like this is also pretty scary – I love Ravi but I’m probably not flying or staying in a hotel (and the cost of it!) for anything like a concert. Sigh. And I really really love Ravi. Stay safe ladies!

    • Reply Stephanie May 9, 2020 at 11:30 pm

      Yeah, I had been excited about this one. Not so much now.

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