Khottie of the Week: Ayno of VAV!

Posted by Stephanie on May 10, 2020

Khottie of the Week

Ayno, VAV with flowerSince taking back over the reigns of Khottie, I’ve been primarily focused on theme posts. Not certain why they’ve just been doing it for me as of late. Actually, that’s a lie. Choosing a Khottie is super hard! This is why this week I decided to man up, check out the Coming Attraction list and focus on a single person… just as Khottie intended. I settled on Ayno from VAV. Now, I don’t actually know much about VAV and even less about Ayno besides the idea of ‘he seems pretty’. But if I choose him, how was I going to narrate? Then looking up pictures, I saw this photo of Ayno with a flower and remembered my idea to do a Khottie theme post of Khotties with flowers. (Do you know how many of them are out there snapping copious amounts of pictures with their head next to some sort of bloom? It tickles me. So I set up my folder with the plans for hotties with flowers. Then? Then I couldn’t stop looking at the pictures of Ayno. Now, as I said, I don’t know anything about VAV. I know even less about Ayno, however, I can tell you when you staring at a string of someone’s photos for five minutes straight? Maybe it’s time to put everything else aside and (flower) crown him the Khottie he should be.

I mean, it’s his 24th birthday celebration and everything…

The turner was probably this picture. Ayno, VAV, Senorita

Who doesn’t like a nice idol in the water? Oooh swimming, remember swimming? I’ve never swum with fruit before, but doesn’t that sound refreshing?

Ayno, VAV, Give Me More

Turns out with one of their releases VAV just went with a summer fun sort of feel. White sand, warm sun, blue seas. I feel stress just rolling off while thinking about it.

Ayno, VAV, Give Me More

It makes me think of the nebulous plans Alix and I think about while we do BL and Bubbles looking at all the beaches and food of Thailand. Ayno, VAV, Give Me More Boat

Add that to the list we say. Add that restaurant, that beach, that locale. Someday.

Ayno, VAV, Give Me More Snuggles

This one is a different take of the flower next to face trope, but, as we know, I’m a sucker for a good theme.

Ayno, VAV, Give Me More Palm Trees

Can’t you just feel the beach? Ayno, VAV, Thats So Seventies

Lounging around with nothing to do because you choose to, not because you have to? Ayno, VAV, Naptime

So refreshing.

Ayno, VAV, Coffeetime

After falling down the sun and fun rabbithole. I followed that up with Ayno in glasses. Ayno, VAV, Smartiepants

Lately, I’ve been lured in by people who can pull that 70’s look off. You know, the ‘I’m a future (possibly present) serial killer’ glasses?

Ayno, VAV, That's so 80s

He pulls off the look nicely. Ayno, VAV, discotastic

See? You’d be murdered by that guy, but it would probably be done beautifully. Ayno, VAV, lipring

(I’m also a sucker for a nice lip-ring.) Also, also on the list that’s going to lure me in? Idol ships. I don’t know if any of these are ships in the group, but the pics made me all swoony.

Ayno, VAV, buddy-buddy

Was that Baron? Do I actually know a member of VAV? I know, these guys can’t believe it either.

Ayno, VAV, THAT look

Looking closer I see that Ayno is wearing a lower belt. A flower belt? I’ve never seen one of those before in all my flower boy photo gazing.

Ayno, VAV, coy

Yep, those are flowers. He really is a flower boy! Guess the spotlight on Ayno worked both ways for me.

Ayno, VAV, spotlight

Ayno of VAV, so accommodating. Ayno, VAV, Peace

You can follow VAV or Anyo on their Instagrams:

Updated: SaraG says not Baron. BURN. I feel like I should get points for knowing there was a Baron.


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St. Van



  • Reply SpiceAngel May 10, 2020 at 5:59 pm

    I am pretty sure he is the young rapper that was eliminated from Monsta X in No Mercy after they added IM. That episode was some of the most uncomfortable video I have ever chosen to watch. He was the reason I looked into VAV.

  • Reply Ashley July 8, 2021 at 4:13 pm

    The second photo (referring to the sea, and swimming) is actually Baron of VAV.

    • Reply Stephanie July 13, 2021 at 9:27 pm

      THANK YOU!

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