Musical Monday: Still Happy

Posted by Alix on May 11, 2020


Taeyeon, Happy

As I was writing last week’s post it suddenly occurred to me that I have yet to feature a single female artist in my tenure of writing musical-ish posts. I’ve always gravitated to the boy group side of kpop, often skimming quickly over any female groups or artists and paying even less attention than usual when SaraG pushes them my way. It’s interesting as long before kpop I was a huge singer/songwriter fan and listened almost exclusively to female artists. And it’s even more interesting if you got to look at my pre-kpop playlists as they are almost all female power-pop singers. In my opinion, you can never go wrong blasting Wrecking Ball or Genie in a Bottle or…I could keep going. And then over the past six months, I started to notice that more and more female groups and artists were appearing on my frequently played lists, maybe female kpop has shifted to better suit my tastes, or maybe I just needed time to adjust and be ready to listen.

It seems that everything Taeyeon has put out in the last year ended up on my favorite of favorites list. For those of you who might not know her, she is the leader of Girls Generation (I didn’t know this for a long time) and has had a very successful solo career. She has a soulful voice that resonates with all the emotions and it’s the perfect mood-setter whether you are happy or need a melo listen. The song Happy is her latest release and I love that it’s both chill and upbeat. The music video has a beautiful pastel vibe that matches well to the feel of the song and she is as gorgeous as ever. I’ve listened to it a lot since it was released, as it closely matched the beautiful spring weather…and helped set a relaxed chill tone for the week. I can guarantee that if you listen to her discography you will find the perfect song for whatever mood you are in or want to be in. And until you find just the right one…here’s a musical reminder to find moments of happy in this crazy world.

Taeyeon, Happy

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