Kpop Workout – Part 4

Posted by Stephanie on May 13, 2020


One week of intermittent fasting down and its not really as hard as I thought it was going to be. It has the added bonus of adding just another small aspect of control over my life and in times like these? It’s not a bad feeling. After SaraG asked me if I felt a difference, I’ve been thinking about it and I think I’m experiencing more energy. While sleeping is an issue for me, usually I’m more tired than I’m currently feeling… and IF or not, I am really enjoying the idea.

Of course… it doesn’t make getting up in the morning to workout any easier! My alarm goes off at six, and pre-working from home, I’d hop right out of bed and get to business. Now? The snooze button, the snooze button, the snooze button gives up and yet still I lay there. Knowing I have these workouts ahead of me, I manage to get up and going by 6:30. Which also makes me feel good.

Workouts make me feel good. Workouts are a stress reliever. So let’s check out some more Kpop themed workouts!

Just like the actual Wonderland video, this one is tricky! But together we can make it through, right? Not perfectly, not gracefully, and we certainly don’t want anyone being able to watch us do this, but we can muddle through.

K-Kardio Dance – Ateez, Wonderland

Never tried a workout from this account before. It was okay. Took me a while to figure out the moves. I’d check out other things they have up for offer.

H-Town Dancefit – NCT, We Go Up

This one reminded me how much I once liked Super Junior and how now, while we don’t see eye to eye musically, I’m happy they’re still out there.

K-Kardio Dance – Super Junior, Super Clap

Oooh this one was fun! It helps that the song is so catchy.

K-Kardio Dance – Mamamoo, Hip

I was so excited to see this one! There’s a lot of BTS out there, there’s a lot of girl groups, but songs like this? I’d like to say I could now do the Any Song Challenge, but that would be a lie. I’d give it another go, but maybe as a warm-up or cool down as it’s not super high impact.

K-Kardio Dance – Zico, Any Song

I’m surprised I haven’t done a Sunny Funny Fitness video on these posts yet. She and her crew are all over the place. The moves might be a little more expert but she’s got a lot of them, they aren’t boring, and I like the moniker Diet Dance Workout.

Sunny Funny Fitness BTS Dance Diet Workout Zumba Cardio – BTS, Dope

Funny enough? Psy makes some great workout videos. Not only are they last paced, but they are a lot of fun. He puts these fun songs out there and these videos take that spirit and run with it. Having a low day? Try to dance along to some Psy videos.

KKhardio Dance – Psy, New Face



Bonus of the day! I thought that this was going to be dumb as it’s a video filmed when this instructor was on vacation in Switzerland, but I laughed my way through it….while working out of course. Wait for the end bit with the cowbells.

K-Kardio Dance – Winner, Island


Let’s all have a good, healthy, active week, okay! Also, have you tried IF? Let me know how it turned out for you!


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