Musical Monday: Can I Tell You

Posted by Alix on May 18, 2020


Day6, Zombie

You might have picked up on this last week but for the time being SaraG and I are going to split the weekly musical posts. Thankfully just as I was discovering that writing two posts a week is a lot of work, SaraG appeared and said I can do one if you want. My response was a quick loud yes, please. Because variety is the spice of life we came up with the idea to play around with the posts and so this week I picked SaraG’s song and she picked mine. We’re brewing some ideas for future weeks and we’d love suggestions from readers…things like a song that reminds you of your favorite drama or oddest kpop song you love, etc. It helps to know there are actually people who read these labors of love and motivates us to keep going.

Do you ever have those moments where you don’t know what to do with all the feelings? This past week was drama ridden as only life can be. The dog ate something or was feeling stressed and had 36 hours of diarrhea interspersed with vomiting that resulted in little sleep for either of us and a visit to the vet (she’s fine). I had my first presentation (virtually of course) on a new project, and at the exact same time a crew showed up to work on the gutters (dog barked through much of the presentation) and let’s not forget the pandemic…let’s just say that by Wednesday evening I was feeling a bit emotionally wrought. My experience learned the hard way over many years, is that if you can share your feelings or at least tell someone else you’re struggling the emotional overwhelmed becomes easier to manage. I verbally vomited on Stephanie at some point this week and as soon as the words were dropped in the chat I felt better. I didn’t need her to fix anything, I just needed to be able to tell someone else that it was a bit hard at the moment…let some of the pressure out. 

Today’s song, chosen by SaraG, is the title track Zombie from Day6’s new release The Book of Us: Demon. The day before their scheduled comeback JYP announced that the group was taking a break to focus on their mental health and would not be promoting the new album. As I watched Zombie it was clear this song, and the album was the group’s way of sharing their true, and not always pretty, feelings. While the melody has an upbeat tempo under a not too melancholic melody, I actually find it hard to watch with the English subs as it hits a bit to close to home. I can’t help but wonder if putting this out in the world helped and also allowed them the space to take a break. A tough spot or challenge, no matter how small, is always slightly easier to manage when shared. So before you feel like a zombie reach out to someone, you can even drop it in the chat and know that we might not be able to fix it but we’ll listen. 

Day6, Zombie

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