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Posted by Stephanie on May 18, 2020


So, if you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know we’ve had some changes here at Kchat, first of all being, moving over to the new hosting company, due to a lot of background work from Cherry, the site managed to keep more of the published posts than we had anticipated, which means we’ve been able to keep some the comments listed there. Now, we’ve been working with the new system for a few days, working on some updates that we’ve wanted to get to for a while. We have some good news, some bad news, and some stuff we’re going to continue to work on.

  1. First up the good news! While Kchat has always had a security certificate, we never really had it set up right so when you went from page to page, it declared NOT SECURE. Ummm bish we were, we just couldn’t figure out how to show it.  Now, it’s fixed!

2. This one is for Humbledaisy (and myself as I was having issues too!). We are currently unable to install Jetpack a plug-in we use, which appears to have helped the errors I was having with the comment section. Go ahead try us.



3. We’re still here! I have to keep reminding myself that, after all this, we are still humming along for now!


Downsides – With good comes bad, and while these are issues we are actively working on, I wanted to let you know what they are and that we’re attempting to come up with solutions.

1) We’re running a little slower than usual. It might be an issue with the database still syncing or just the size of the site with the new host. Kchat has been around for a loooong time and almost a post a day for the entirety will add up!

2) Database connection. Periodically you’ll get this fun message:

We thought it was as the site was loading on the new server, but as I do maintenance, it pops up periodically. Not all the time but every now and then. Refresh and it should clear up.

3) Jetpack. Remember when I said there was a positive to Jetpack being a little bitch about not installing again? Well, originally we hadn’t wanted to install it as we knew it was probably the cause of the comment issue, however, several elements of Jetpack had us attempting that reinstallation.

  • Social media push. Cherry had mentioned this when we talked about Jetpack, but I hadn’t thought it was a big deal until I realized it was a big deal. Those of you who kindly pressed the button to be notified when there are new posts? Turns out that is a Jetpack function. So we’ve been posting here, we just haven’t been telling you about it. Sigh.
  • Featured posts at the bottom. Handily, when I posted an article, the bottom of the page was populated with related posts. Yep, its another Jetpack function! Uhoh.
  • Comments. Yep, leaving them is cool, but we lost the sidebar. Innnteresting. This one I think is totally fixable one way or another. Don’t you worry, my little eggs!

So, in the scheme of things that could have gone wrong, this isn’t a terrible place to be. I bet, give us another week or two and we’ll be even better off.  Thanks for hanging in there with me guys!

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  • Reply kfangurl May 20, 2020 at 2:01 am

    Yay for progress!! Good job, ladies! Fighting~! *fist pump*

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