Kpop Workout – Part 5 A Killer Workout

Posted by Stephanie on May 20, 2020


Best Kpop 1000 Calorie Workout

So, update! Two weeks on Intermittent Fasting and I’m back down to my pre-COVID weight. Still not where I wanted to be at least I’m headed in the right direction. Is it IF itself or the matter of having more structure? Or is this newest Kpop Workout? (Spoiler alert: This workout is killer!). I don’t really care, but I’m inspired to keep up the work!

Ready to begin this workout? Trust me when I say you’re not!

Surprise! This workout episode is going to be one single video. Am I cheating? NO. This one video is going to make you sweat so hard you’re going to have literal rivers running down you.

Plus? At an hour and a half of high energy workout? For me, this is actually two separate mornings of workout. (I workout first thing in the morning and then go walk the rest of my steps after work.)

We’ve seen this instructor once before, I think in Kpop Workout Episode 2 or 3? A BTS focused no jumping workout. After I tried that one and liked it, I’d scrolled through her other ones pretty quickly and hadn’t found another I wanted to try out. Turns out? I wasn’t looking hard enough.

In this video, while it focuses on high intensity, she will also put in low-intensity hacks in a video overlay. While she talks to the camera as an introduction, the rest of the video is just her, kpop, and sweat.

It’s a pretty good collection of kpop too! Still a little BTS heavy (maybe like 3 or 4 songs out of 26) she has other artists like ATEEZ, Stray Kids, K.A.R.D, Black Pink, and Super Junior. Heads up, there is one song she appears to have taken the audio out on, but with plenty of other songs on the playlist, I just fast-forward through it and don’t even miss those 3ish minutes.

I started this video on Friday, finished on Monday and have continued to do it the rest of the week. I love a good sweat! (Though it looks like she also has a 90’s music video in her feed, I might try that on Friday just for fun.)

Cardio Party Mashup Fitness, The Best K-Pop 1000 Calorie Workout | High or Low Impact


Bonus Video

Oh! I do have a bonus video! Since finding this video, I’ve been using it as a warm up as 1) Warmup is important and 2) Sober is a great way to start your day.

Pandahcoversx3,【KPOP Isolation/Warmup Exercise】 BIGBANG – 맨정신(SOBER)

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