Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Not Too Little, Not Too Much

Posted by SaraG on May 21, 2020


Rock UR Body, VIXX

I and this is a secret to no one that has ever met me, love attention. I want folks in a room to pay attention when I have something to add to a conversation and my sense of personal style leans more towards the brash than some might be comfortable with. All of that being true, I have never once wanted to be famous. Recognized in my chosen field, yes, approved of by my peers, absolutely, but famous – nope. I’m good with the general public not really knowing who I am and what I do with my time. There is a definite sense of vulnerability and loss of control that comes with reaching those heights.

But for those that want it, there is a sweet spot with fame – and in Kpop, VIXX is that sweet spot. Those of us that have been swirling around in the world of Kpop for a few years all know VIXX, we love VIXX, we can name the songs and understand references to the theatrical and oft macabre styling. Many of us learned the members without trying – we just know them because they’re VIXX. It’s like they got all of the recognition that comes with fame but not the same global fervor that some of the new, more internationally focused acts are experiencing. They have lives and interests outside of their group personas and, shockingly, can leave hotel rooms in foreign cities without being mobbed or causing a security situation. 

This week, Alix proposed that I choose a song for her to explore for Musical Monday and she would pick one for me for today. I, of course, agreed as I’m game for whatever Alix wants to do and because it’s easier to write a post when I don’t actually have to pick the content. I was super surprised when, after a very short period of time spent mulling, she sent me the link to the song Rock UR Body by VIXX. I mean, it’s not that I haven’t heard her mention the group before, but this is old, cute VIXX and not even the naughtier version we got in more recent years. And I know that my KB likes things a bit naughty. This is classic. This is fun and upbeat debut VIXX. This video poses the eternal question of what do you do when you find yourself in a room with six hot guys in harem pants you weren’t expecting to see. 

It’s hard not to answer without remembering some of those more recent VIXX videos. 

Eyebrow wiggle.

May all of our groups get the fame and recognition that feeds their desires and their bellies while still maintaining their ability to have a life. May they not have to go on survival shows to get the attention they deserve but be able to do all of the things they love. And may they stay in music, doing the music they want, for as long as it makes them happy. 

Rock UR Body, VIXX


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  • Reply Alix May 21, 2020 at 10:42 am

    I was trying to pick something totally unexpected and this came up on my old folks playlist (also known as the 2nd Gen playlist Leila made me) and bingo!

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