Kpop Workout Week Six: Idol Workout? Idle Workout?

Posted by Stephanie on May 27, 2020


Kpop Idol Workout

I’m a creature of habit. Once I find something I like, I do it to death until I’m bored with it…and then I’ll do it some more because I don’t really know what to do with myself. This weeks Kpop Idol Workout isn’t much different.

Slow and steady I’m seeing results of the IF and daily workouts. I’ve gotten to the point where both are (painful) second nature to me. I was going to allow myself the day off on Monday as it was a holiday….and yet there I was, rolling back my ridiculous rug in order to do a workout. I wish I could say the pounds are melting off, but they’re not. However, they are, pound by pound, starting to leak away about 1-1.5 pounds a week. I’m officially down 6 pounds, which means I have about 4 more to go before I reach my second goal, losing what I gained after my Korea trip. (My first goal being: lose the 5ish pounds of Covid weight.)

Which means…as much as I want that mid-period container of chocolate ice cream and a sit on the couch, I’m going to go with the sugar-free chocolate pudding and do 45-minute workout. Because habit.

I want to say I tried a lot of videos this week, and while I’ll put a bunch here for you to try that I’ve done previously, last weeks video worked so well for me, I continued on with her other ones to various success.

This one I liked:

The Kpop 500 Calorie Workout has a great mix of songs from various artists. I did this one this morning and the sweat was rolling down my face. I personally dislike floor exercises, so when they hit the floor on any of these videos? I do some version of one of her other moves, modify that she is doing, or simply do crunches on my exercise ball.

You can check out her whole channel here. Don’t be daunted by the long videos or ‘high impact’ as she does have a series of individual song videos and she usually shows some version of modified workouts for those of us who can’t move her feet in any semblance of coordination. While she is a little heavy on the BTS, I think it’s because she knew it was popular to start with. Recently she appears to be branching out to a lot of artists.

Realize its almost tank top season? Worried about those bingo wings? (I once heard this term on Supersize Vs Superskinny and it makes me laugh. Also, a great show!) How about a 10-minute Mamamoo video-focused right on that problem area(s). It’s really funny how such small movements can work, but I’ll attest, my arms burn after this one!

I have a new affinity towards A.C.E and after weeks of doing these workouts with a lot of the same artists popping up, again and again, I added this one onto the playlist primarily because it was something a little different. At first, I was weirded out by the idea I was working out to what looked like some kid videoing himself working out in his bedroom, but guess what? I had fun! The moves were easy, I didn’t need a ton of space and his bedroom reminded me of the heroine of Put Your Head On My Shoulder. It made me laugh while working out. If that’s not a reason to follow his channel, I don’t know what is!

Oooh, going through my playlist, I forgot how much I liked this one! You think it’s going to be one of those compilation videos where the uploader just takes a bunch of existing workout videos and put them to Kpop, but this is not the case! This video is all BlackPink music and the workout instructor is there with you in the video. It has really clear instructions typed out on the screen in addition to count down clocks! The video has the added bonus of actually playing the MVs in an overlay box so you can watch while burning those calories. I’m interested in checking out to see what else this channel has to offer if this is an example of their work.


Bonus Video!

As I mentioned last week, I saw that Cardio Party Mashup Fitness had a 90’s workout video and that I might check it out as a reward for a week of hard work. Well, I gave it a try and it was fun singing along to this music as I worked out!


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