Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Kick-Ass Boots

Posted by Alix on May 28, 2020


When I write ramblings for a post it’s all about finding the angle or the story that goes with the choice of song. Often a song will inspire some thought or I’ll love the sound so much I’ll make something work. But sometimes it’s a struggle to find a connection and then you’re left somewhat hanging and grasping at anything you can say about the song or artist. It’s not that I don’t like today’s song, it’s just that I would rather tell you everything and anything about Lucy…the dog and the band. 

SaraG and I swapped again and today’s song comes courtesy of SaraG. I didn’t know this but it turns out BVNDIT is one of her favorite girl groups. Of course with that kind of knowledge, the pressure goes up! I figured the first place to start was getting a sense of who BVNDIT is. I learned that you pronounce the group name Bandit and they are part of MNH Entertainment. Interesting fact, MNH Entertainment also manages Chunga. There are five members ranging in age from 25 (today is leader Yiyeon’s birthday!) to 19. The fandom is Bvnditbul (curious how you pronounce that…Banditbul?) and you can follow the group on Instagram

My first impression from the video is I can totally tell why SaraG likes them so much. They have a definite Mamamoo vibe…the I’m sexy and cool and hip and I know it and don’t mess with me. I often find a lot of the girl groups to be way too much on the cute side and then you try and add a layer of sexy and it just doesn’t work at all for me. I need the strong female, who’s totally in charge of her image and is going to do what she wants regardless of what you think…a total badass bandit. The music video is full of rich colors and mystical elements, you feel like you are in a foreign land but maybe more one of your imagination than reality. The styling totally supports the mood of the song, which is also musically rich and with depth. I was curious about the lyrics as the title is of the song is Dumb and that could go so many ways. And, of course, it’s perfect. It’s a song about telling someone they need to have the courage to make a move otherwise the girls are going to walk away. It’s the whole package…of being confident in yourself both in looks and emotions, having the courage to say I’m good enough, and getting rid of those who aren’t willing to see that. The song ends on the line “I won’t even look back, bye-bye dumb’ and I totally need to add that into my dating lingo. 

The best part is that they do all this self-confident ass-kicking in boots that are pretty amazing. SaraG had a pair like those on our first trip to Korea, they even had pockets on the side where she could store her phone and wallet and whatnots. We may have even tried to get a bottle of soju in there…likely after drinking one too many. So while I was somewhat aware of this group, thanks SaraG for making me look closer. I look forward to connecting with them in the future…hopefully with a matching pair of self-confident ass-kicking boots.

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