2Gether The Series: The Ending We Deserve?

Posted by Stephanie on June 2, 2020


2Gether: The Series posterIt’s no secret I’m a huge fan of the BL series. If you listen to the podcast at all, you’ll know the most recent series, 2Gether: The Series, spoke to my heart like few shows have. It just made me happy to watch it. I’d go through each episode with blissful sighs, a wide grin, and hands over my heart. Yes, it made me that happy. Unfortunately though? The ending left me a little…wanting. Possibly though? We have a chance for a do-over.

This both excites and terrifies me.

This isn’t going to be a full review of the show, I’m thinking my love of it deserves its own post. Or its own podcast episode. Or perhaps some sort of memorial plaque hung up in my Kpop closet. (Yes, I’m contemplating a BL annex of the Kpop closet. It seems appropriate.) I’m just going to talk a little bit about the ending. The dismount. The last episode which, wasn’t so much of a miss-step but just left me longing for more. And I’m going to do so without a huge amount of spoilers.


So, it’s been said that we watchers of the show were left wanting as the show was airing/filmed during a high holy holiday, and the production needed to be really, really, really careful about censors. (Or as Xe says, more being culturally sensitive.)  Now, this show has never been as hot and heavy as some of the other shows out there. (HELLO THARNTYPE, WHAT UP, WHY R U?) No, there wasn’t action but there was humor and heart. The show was more about Sarawat and Tine’s growing relationship.

Which was the most adorable thing EVER. 2Gether The Series, Sarawat, Tine

Anyway. That being said. The lack of any sort of real ending, the shoved in angst in the last episode really made me go whaaaat? I didn’t need the two leads to mack on each other, but some sort of step forward, a meaningful handhold would have been nice. These two luuuuurve each other. We watched it grow. They just came back from the brink of destruction. The essentially ‘Hey, you cool?’ ‘Yeah, you?’ ending wasn’t quite what viewers were looking for. Even the explanation of censors bumping in gives me a case of CBF. Tine’s brother and Sarawat’s friend got a hug at the end and the amount I cared about that relationship is…well, I didn’t care at all. GIVE OUR MAIN COUPLE A HUG. Or that handhold.

That being said, it was recently announced 2Gether: The Series will be getting a bit of a do-over. The production company has planned a bonus 5 episodes to come soon. My gut instinct is YAY! This makes my heart so happy! More time with these characters??? Can it be on my tv tomorrow?

The more pragmatic, worrier part of me, the part that’s particular about plotting, and has been burned before is very skeptical. Do we have 5 episodes with of story left? I mean, I’m happy just sitting there watching them do nothing, but 5 episodes are a few hours of time for the production to go in and mess everything up. For them to put in (again) unnecessary angst. This is why I stopped watching US television. You spend seasons watching your favorite couple get together only to watch the writers tear everything apart right after. I don’t know if my heart could take that.

I was explaining to someone, I think this show would have been more serviced, rather than end where it had, if it had ended even earlier. For those of you who watched the show, don’t you think it would have been more satisfying if they’d stopped right after they got stuck on the bus? Sarawat would have had his big reveal, Tine would have been reassured in their love. End Scene. End Show. End Stephanie’s Heart. I just hate the idea of coming out of this future experience disappointed. Especially considering just how much I love this couple. 2Gether The Series, Promo Pic

There’s also the point that, if this Instagram story is correct, it’s not going to be directed by the same person:(Still) 2Gether: the Series announcment

Apparently, the episodes will be called adorably (Still) 2Gether: The Series and will be directed by the director of Dark Blue Kiss and He’s Coming To Me. Dark Blue Kiss I’ve seen, it definitely had that awwww ending I was looking for, however, it was angsty as hell getting there. He’s Coming To Me? It’s currently on the rotation of BL and Bubbles watching, and, it’s okay. Not as visually appealing as 2Gether and the pacing is a little…old? We’re watching it and were shocked to realize it just came out last year. It looks and feels like a drama from a few years ago. I hear it ends really well though, so maybe that’s what they brought this director in for specifically. Perhaps he’s a Closer?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m going to watch. It comes out, there’s nothing that’s going to keep me away from it but I’m going to remain wary until the credits roll on episode 5.

I’ll update you as I have more information!

Did you watch 2Gether: The Series? What did you think? Did you love it? Are you looking forward to this?

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