Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Playing With Fire

Posted by Alix on June 4, 2020


Yup, I’m going with the girl group angle on this one. If any of you have read earlier posts you’ll be aware of my lack of interest in girl groups. It’s not dislike, it’s just I’m not interested in spending my little time for #klife on girl groups. So finding and writing about today’s song has been an interesting challenge! 

In watching KCON reruns over the past two weekends fromis_9 kept popping up and so first on the brain when deciding who to do. And it reminded me that at KCON NY 2018 I got a Hi-Touch for them and was shocked I was actually able to sell it. If, like me, you are totally unaware who they are then let me share. Fromis_9 was formed through the reality show Idol School in 2017. They have 9 members and are currently managed by Off The Record Entertainment. 

I’m not sure what made me decide on this song other than I love Cherry Bomb and figured a love bomb had to have some redeeming qualities. It was a perfect choice as the concept of the music video is creative and fun to watch. Pretty girls running around with ginormous matches, lighting stuff on fire, and trying to cutely blow each other up…how can you go wrong. The song itself is still not to my taste as I find it too one dimensional. There’s no layering or depth in the music or vocals, and on top of that, I prefer a lower pitch. I often struggle with how high pitched a lot of the boy groups are as well and I’m totally aware it’s a cultural preference. As a traditional kpop girl group they do a very good job and while it might never be love, it was fun to venture out and try something new.


  • Reply Stephanie June 4, 2020 at 10:03 pm

    Yeah, while the song isn’t for me, this video is adorable! I now really want one of those striped umbrellas for myself.

  • Reply SaraG June 5, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    fromis_9 is so interesting. I know they aren’t for me and they aren’t a group I follow, but suddenly I’ll see them and think ‘man, they are doing such interesting things.’ Go them!!!

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