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Posted by Stephanie on June 9, 2020


As I’m plowing through my own list of BL’s to watch, I’ve been receiving a good amount of requests for adds to the LGBT pages. While some of the shows I’ve heard of, even watched (and can’t believe they never made it to the list) some of them are complete mysteries to me. In honor of all your helpful comments, I thought I’d put together an addition to the LGBT Movie and Drama list of just your suggestions!

Kiki: theres also this lesbian movie called “Fantasy of the girls” im pretty sure. didnt find it subbed anywhere though

Fantasy of the Girls

On the stage of the play “Romeo and Juliet”, a transparent love begins. Seon-hwa (Roh Jeong-eui) who was helping her friend’s audition in the department of theater, is spotted by Soo-yeon (Jo Soo-hyang), her senior from the department of theater and plays Juliet. Her co-star is Ha-nam (‘Nara’), every girl’s dream boy playing the role of Romeo. Seon-hwa gets attracted to Juliet while preparing for the play.
Is this love? While preparations for the play are coming to an end, Seon-hwa gets a feeling there’s something going on between her two seniors…



Wind: Another 2 web series that i would like recommend are discipline and when you love yourself2


A sensational teen web-drama : Discipline

A neighborhood in Korea that is nothing out of the ordinary: a truly tranquil small town. In this town, Tae Woo and his best friends do all kinds of things, good and bad.
The five of them decide to go to a party hosted by a group of delinquents from the notorious Samdeok High School in an abandoned basement parking lot.
They went thinking they would have the time of their lives little did they know of the dangers that were to come.


When You Love Yourself 2

‘How to Love Without Losing Myself’ despite the problems of career, dating, and friends.

Korean/Series/2019/Gay Character

Nao – I think ”Kinou Nani Tabeta?”/“What did you eat Yesterday? “ would be a lovely addition to the list! It’s based off of the manga with the same name and is about the daily happenings of an older gay couple. It’s a feel good “slice of life” drama and I think has some of the healthiest/realistic depiction I’ve ever seen. I believe it should be available subbed on dramacool!!

Kinou Nani Tabeta? / What Did You Eat Yesterday?

Kakei Shiro is a 45-year-old lawyer who works at a small law firm. He is a good cook and a meticulous and thrifty person who keeps the monthly food budget to 25,000 yen. Shiro’s daily routine is to leave work on time and head to a discount supermarket nearby. His partner Yabuki Kenji is the affable hairdresser in his 40s. The two of them share a two-bedroom apartment and the finer points of two men living together comes up at the dining table every day. Although two of them have been in a relationship for three years and Kakei’s parents know he is gay, Kakei never shares the fact that he is gay or Kenji is his partner to anyone.



Fae – Followers (2020) has a gay man, bisexual man and lesbian female (all side characters though).


Nara Rimi, an established and popular photographer, meets Hyakuta Natsume who has come to Tokyo with dreams of becoming an actress. Although Natsume suffers setbacks, she grows from these experiences in this story about the lifestyles of women whose lives intersect in this world dominated by social media.

Series/Gay/Bi/Lesbian Side Characters


U4IC – I haven’t seen this being recommended but SOTUS S (the second season to SOTUS) is really good too if you haven’t watched it! You can find it on youtube and I think they do a really good job of developing their relationship further, more realistically. It forreal made me shed tears (but dw it’s a good ending!)


Fast forward 2 years later, Kongpob is now the head hazer in his faculty, while Arthit works at the Ocean Electric Company. During Kongpob’s final year, he needs to find an internship company, and requests to work alongside Arthit over his family’s company, which unbeknownst to Arthit. After an outing with the company, tensions rises between the 2, and both will have to decide their future. Will Arthit and Kongpob remain as a couple?

Series/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending


MJ: The list lacks “Until we meet again “. It’s so amazing work! It touched me a lot! Thank you for the list though

Until We Meet Again

Two boys who couldn’t be together in one life find each other again in another.

Series/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

*This is one of those ones I can’t believe wasn’t on the list! I’ve actually seen it and talked about it on the podcast a lot!
** Is Dean the most beautiful person in the entire world or not? I kept yelling at the other guy to stop crying, you have this super amazing hot dude in love with you!


Lily – Hi! Appreciate this blog! Anyways, I wanted to recommend a super underrated thai show that deserves a lot of love: He’s coming to me. Please also add Until We Meet Again, My Engineer the series, Puppy Honey season 1 and 2 (Same actors from Theory of Love)!

Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey

Porsche is in danger of having his school club for taking care of stray cats and dogs shut down, by the school’s Dean. So Porsche and his best friend, Pik, try to recruit Emma and her best friend, Rome. This is because Emma’s uncle is the Dean. The catch–Emma loves cats but is terribly afraid of dogs. Will this be the end of Porsche’s dog and cat club or the start of a beautiful friendship between everyone? Or maybe even more?


Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey 2

Porsche has moved away to pursue an internship, leaving Emma behind. Causing stress on them and their relationship. Porsche meets Friend, a happy and bright girl and Emma meets Night, her brother’s friend from high school. Pik is still confused over his sexuality and feelings for Rome. However, Din, an ex-member of Porsche’s cat and dog club is becoming extremely close to Rome. Pik insists he doesn’t have feelings for Rome, but he feels jealous when Rome is with Din. Will Pik accept himself for who he is? Will Porsche’s and Emma’s relationship stay strong?

*the other series mentioned have since been added!
**Yay, thanks for reading Lily!


Mina: Although it’s really more of a side story I recommend Prison Playbook/Wise Prison Life!! The same guy who directed the reply series directed this drama and I found it to be a really fun drama in general. One of the main characters is in a relationship with another man.

Prison Playbook

Kim Je Hyuk, a famous baseball player, is arrested after using excessive force while chasing a man trying to sexually assault his sister. Shockingly to him and the rest of the nation, he is sentenced to a year in prison. There he meets his childhood friend and fellow baseball player, Lee Joon Ho, who gave up on baseball after a car accident, but now is a prison guard and one of Je Hyuk’s biggest fans. The drama revolves around Je Hyuk’s time in prison, as well as prisoners he meets and events that take place there.

Korean, 2017, Series


Amilia: Don’t know if this counts as it was very much a side story, but: Your House Helper. One of the side characters was in love with her best friend and roommate, despite knowing it would never go anywhere as he was gay.


Your House Helper

The daily life of an average working woman involves: a packed subway during the rush hours, a miserable old boss, juniors clawing their way up, mounting credit card debt, and a rusty and tired body… And above all, the worst is the endless housekeeping work that awaits her at home. But what if a handsome guy appears and takes care of all the housekeeping work for her? And not only that, what if he solves the problems in her complicated and confused life? In this drama, a male house helper does housekeeping works in different women’s houses and tries to solve their issues.



AARON: A story of Yonosuke (2013) has one gay character, Kato played by Go Ayano who was in Anger/Rage. It’s not the main story but he is one of the main charcters, the movie in general is amazing.

A Story of Yonosuke

Set in the 1980’s, Yonosuke Yokomichi (Kengo Kora) is a college student, with a warm heart, from the port city of Nagasaki. His girlfriend Shoko Yosano (Yuriko Yoshitaka) is the daughter of a company president.

Japanese/Movie/2013/Gay Character


Quyhn: Thank you, maybe you can have a look on Between the seasons and Moonlit water.

Between Two Seasons

Hae Soo moves to another city and opens a cafe to start her new life. Ye Jin, a high school girl and frequent customer, starts to work at the cafe and falls for Hae Soo. Ye Jin confesses her love to Hae Soo when she is sure about her feelings.


Moonlit Winter Korean LGBT Movie PosterMoonlit Winter

One winter, a mother (Kim Hee-ae) and her daughter (Kim So-hye) live together alone. The daughter, a high school student, accidentally reads a letter to her mother and finds out the secret her mother has been hiding all her life. Although it’s too late, the daughter wants to comfort her mother’s heart now. So the beautiful journey of the mother and the daughter begins. In Otaru, a quiet village with white snow, the mother and the daughter take the path of reconciliation, while building up exciting memories. The mother’s unfulfilled past love and the daughter’s new love are lying there. And there is someone who greets them. That mournful ‘someone’ who has lost her father and is living with her aunt is the secret character who will revitalize the life of the mother and the daughter.


*After a bit of tweaking I think I got the right shows!


Angie: What about a series called “His”? i have only found 4 episodes on youtube and a movie but i can’t find anything else about it… or the rest of the episodes to the series to finish it off. i dont want to skip to the movie withouth watching the rest of the episodes but i can’t find not one single thing about it anywhere~!!!


High school students, Shun and Nagisa first meet and fall in love with each other during their first year. Years later around the time Shun is about to graduate from university, Nagisa tells him that he can’t see a future with him. They make the decision to break up despite Shun’s still strong feelings. Years later, Shun lives alone in a rural area, working as the owner of his own store. But what happens when Nagisa unexpectedly shows up with his 6-year-old daughter Sora, and Shun still harbors feelings for Nagisa. As they begin spending time with each other, can Nagisa accept the feelings he knows have been there all along?


*I couldn’t find a series on this one, just a reference to the movie? Could they have just cut the movie into pieces?
**Please Nagisa accept the feelings you know have been there all along! Just from reading the synopsis, I would really like for these guys to make it.


Deeotherday: The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese and its sequel is adapted into a movie. I think it will come out his year and trailer is out on youtube 🙂

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

Otomo Kyoichi works at an advertising company. He has an indecisive personality. Even though he is married, he repeatedly has affairs. One day, a man appears in front of Kyoichi. The man is Imagase Wataru. Wataru graduated from the same university as Kyoichi. It’s the first time they have met since Kyoichi graduated. Wateru currently works for a jack of all trades agency that does anything for their customers. He is sent by Kyoichi’s wife to investigate whether Kyoichi is having an affair. Wataru tells Kyoichi that he has liked him for the past 7 years. He also tells Kyoichi that he wants to have a sexual relationship with him and in return he won’t tell his wife about his infidelity.


*Uhoh. This sounds like it can’t end well!


Anonymous: Love With Flaws is another good Korean show. The main character’s brother and his love interest. It is really good.

Love With Flaws

A romantic comedy about a woman who hates men with pretty faces, a man who is obsessed with his looks, and how the people with flaws get over their prejudice.

Korean/Series/2019/Gay Character


EMY: Please add Bao Bao to this list.
Bao Bao Chinese LGBT Movie Trailer

Bao Bao

As same-sex couples, Cindy, Joanne, Charles, and Tim collaborate together to help each other to own a baby. Cindy is supposed to have two babies, but she loses one. Cindy is married to Joanne, but she doesn’t trust her anymore. Cindy is having a baby, but she doesn’t know where to go, whom to believe, nor whether it’s her baby or not. Eventually, she is on her way from London returning to her hometown, Taiwan. Her best childhood friend, Tai, takes care of her with his whole heart and even promises to raise the baby with her. Confused about what a family should be like, Cindy finally plucks up her courage to face Joanne as well as Charles’s and Tim’s family. Even though it’s not generally acceptable in many places in Taiwan to be same-sex parents, Cindy still believes that day will come.



JACQULYN: Here’s one you missed. “Asymmetry” Japanese 2008. Bittersweet ending. I’ve seen it and it’s quite good.Asymmetry LGBT Japanese Movie Poster


Hokuto’s dream is to travel around the world as a professional cameraman. One day, he finds that his hospitalized girlfriend’s doctor is his old classmate from high school. The doctor, Shinichiro, and Hokuto used to be very close friends, whom all shared a common love for photography. However, an accident broke their friendship apart, leaving them out of contact until now.


Eve: You can add The Substitute (2017) is a Taiwanese lesbian movie!The Substitute (2017) LGBT Movie Poster

The Substitute

Judo expert Han Lu is still figuring out her personal identity. Her mother raised her as a boy, treating her as a substitute for her dead brother. As a result, Han Lu is unsure about who she is supposed to be. She finds herself drawn to Ni Ke, a bratty and vain internet celebrity. When the two meet at a judo competition, their physical contest quickly heats up into something more. Ni Ke is then cast in an action movie, and Han Lu becomes her stunt double. As they work together, the young women develop feelings for each other they never thought possible, and aren’t quite sure how to label their relationship. As they struggle with trying to figure out who they are, Han Lu and Ni Ke realize there is no substitute for love.



MARIE: I also really like “Ordinary Family” (also known as “Vacances”) by HyunJu Lee who did Our Love Story and also staring Lee SangHee. It’s a short film about a couple who is supposed to go away for the weekend but ends up dragged in family drama. It’s really good for a Korean lesbian short and I’m pretty sure the subbed version is on the director’s YouTube page now. It’s not a coming of age story and it’s interesting to see Lee explore a different approach to what it means to be a Korean queer woman.

Ordinary Family

Su Young is a lesbian who plans to go on the first vacation with her girlfriend, Young Mi. But the day before the two leave for vacation, Su Young receives the news about her father’s hospitalization. She reluctantly pushes back a day and goes to visit her parents. Will she be able to safely go on the vacation with her girlfriend?


*Well, this looks adorable/.


Again, thanks for all the great suggestions guys, keep them coming!


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    Hello Stephanie,
    Regarding HIS, there is on the one hand a mini series talking about the meeting between Shun and Nagisa when they are still teenagers (it’s possible to find it on youtube by searching well).
    And the film was released in late January 2020 telling the rest of the story of Shun and nagisa, as an adult.

    • Reply Stephanie June 13, 2020 at 7:06 pm

      Good to know, thanks for the heads up! I’ll keep my eye out!

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