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Allblanc TV Workout

Though I didn’t post about a Kpop workout last week, never fear, I didn’t quit! Though I might have wanted to, due to a severe lack of progress. Here’s the thing about me though. I like routine. Now, I get up in the morning Monday through Friday and workout. That’s it. I can’t NOT do it. I guess that’s a check-in my favor. Though the scale isn’t doing me any favors, comfort in my habit is. I was afraid I wasn’t going to have a new set of workouts for you to try out this update though, as, since I am a creature of habit, I find it really hard to change for something once I find something that works. I did the CardioBlast workout solidly for weeks. What did I have left to tell you?

Enter the VERY FIT men of Allblanc TV and our non-Kpop but very Korean workout.

I think SaraG sent me a video of there’s once, not in a, “You should do this workout sort of way, more of a “Heh, heh, heh, look at these hot shirtless guys doing couples yoga.” And I looked. And I enjoyed. Then I forgot.

Until my Youtube feed popped up with one of their new videos. “Hey, what is this hotness? You don’t actually expect me to be able to follow along with these obviously buff guys?” Thanks, Youtube. Better luck next time. However, then as I was waiting for the very last moment before I had to get up, I scrolled through their feed and found their series of 30-40 minute at-home workouts. I quickly scrolled through, and realized, yeah, these things I could do.

Don’t be fooled. Not all of their workouts are like these at-home workouts. They are making these ‘walking’ workouts simpler while trying to be mindful of the fact that they are in apartments with neighbors below them. Their other, shorter workouts, focused on various body parts? Yeah, I’d straight up make my heart explode if I attempted to do something like that. Well. Maybe not explode, but I’d at least poke myself in the eyeball with one of my flailing limbs and I don’t think I could come up with a plausible explanation to my coworkers to my black eye on the next Zoom meeting.

At first, I thought these workouts were too dumbed down. How could I actually be getting anything from these slow videos? While there are some that are harder than others, some of them really kill me, not because it’s super cardio, more because it’s targeting certain places. It’s more a lesson of form over quantity. As they mention, if you’re doing it too fast, or are thinking anything else while working out, you’re probably not doing it right. They are right! I find myself speeding up and I realize I have to dig a little deeper, stretch a little further.

Plus. They are often shirtless which, come on, is a huge plus! I sent a message to SaraG the first time I did one of their videos where they were all shirtless and giggled like a little girl. HAHAHA.

I really enjoy their personalities that they showcase throughout the videos. One they talked about the origins of their English names (the instructors are Mark, James, Louis, and Ryo), they will often talk about what they are going to eat after their workouts. I’m not going to go so far as they make dad jokes while sweaty and shirtless, but I’ve laughed at many a corny joke.

Their typical set up for these walking workouts, is they rotate a movement every one minute, each member taking a turn at being lead. Do I have a workout instructor bias? Hmmm… maybe…..

Are you ready?

This is my favorite so far! Its the one where they explain their English names and then celebrate Ryo’s birthday. Don’t know who Ryo is? Well, you should probably do the workout then!


If you check out the Allblanc TV (and you should) its not just workout videos they have, but a series of daily vlogs, workout, and eating tips.

Here I watched Mark make pumpkin soup:

A post on Korean skincare. (I haven’t watched but you better believe its in my watch later queue.

And this is the most adorable thing ever and am wondering if I can suggest it to my work without them realizing I follow a Korean shirtless workout channel? Hmmm….

You can check out the Allblanc TV channel here!


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