Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Reasons, not Excuses – I Mean, Except These Excuses

Posted by SaraG on June 11, 2020


Now that I am scooping up a couple of posts a week again (thank you a million times, Alix, for helping me out soooo much) I have to actually think about what it is I’m going to talk about twice a week. Because that particular set of muscles is practically atrophying right now, I leaned a bit on Alix to give me a prompt for today’s post. One of her myriad of suggestions was ‘favorite OST.’ Now, my mind immediately went to Kim Feel’s song Fallin’ from the show Abyss, but surely I’ve talked about that one endlessly by this point. I love that song, I have listened to it over and over and it appears on my 2019 top 50 songs list – very early in the list. 

There is absolutely no way that I haven’t talked about Kim Feel on this platform. No Way. I listen to him way too much to not have included him in the past. 

I am wrong. 

I hate that.

Kim Feel is a solo singer-songwriter who won runner up on SuperStar K6 in 2014. Prior to that, he’d almost exclusively done covers and he used his experience and success on the show to springboard himself into a music career. He spent the time between the show and the release of his first EP, Feel Free, in 2015 writing and producing the music alongside a team of folks from his label supporting him. The music is folk, rock, and Britsh pop-influenced and those genres combined with his scratchy voice and the sense of longing laced throughout the music makes me feel incredibly satisfied and lost at the same time. Gah, so good. 

Fallin’, Kim Feel

You don’t see Kim Feel out and about much, he doesn’t seem to be one looking for the limelight. In fact, he revealed in an interview that he and his team of folks largely stay pretty private in order to write the best possible music they can. He’s become something of a darling of OSTs, but he’s also got a couple of releases all of his very own. His most recent, Yours, Sincerely, released in 2019 is an 8 track mini which features the song Excuses. While the album largely sticks to the folk-inspired sounds he’s known for, you can hear a variety of genres weaved throughout the songs. It’s a gorgeous album.

Excuses, Kim Feel

What’s your fav OST song? Do you listen to their other work? Give me some recommendations!!

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