Stay At Home Saturday: Clearing the Youtube Watch Later List

Posted by Stephanie on June 13, 2020


Youtube watch Later List: DPR LiveWe’re back with Stay At Home Saturday as, turns out, the longer I’m stuck in this apartment, the more I’m afraid to leave it. AND YET… at the same time, I’m irritable being here. Sigh. Neurosis are sexy, right? Anyway. I’m spending a good portion of my evening not wanting to watch anything, not wanting to talk to anyone, not wanting to waste more time reading (I read this morning, this was almost a Stay At Home Saturday: Reading Fanfic but was too embarrassed.) So, like always, I’m messing around on YouTube. Since I don’t have the attention span for any real show, I figured this would be a good time to check off some of those videos on my YouTube watch later list. I toss so many things on there and then completely forget about them!

I’m guessing I’m not alone, so lets watch!

Allblanc Vlog ep.1 명동 / Myongdong

If you’re not familiar with these guys, you didn’t check out any of the videos from this week’s Kpop Workout. I’ve been catching some of their other videos and this one caught my eye. I shopped there! A couple of times! It made me so excited not just to see them but to see all the places I’d been. It makes me wish I could go again. You know. When I don’t get angry leaving my apartment..

A Hard Day Official US Release Trailer (2015) – Korean Thriller HD

Lee Seung Gyun? Park Bo Gum? Is it any surprise this hit the watch later list? Turns out though? Chances of me watching this thing are pretty slim. Better luck next time, boys.


I don’t think watching fluffy-haired boyfriend idols ever gets old and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

an (un)helpful guide to NU’EST

Thanks, I found this very helpful.

MTV Unplugged At Home “Monsta X”

I know I SHOULD be watching this performance, paying attention to the pretty, pretty music, but all I can think about is how this is a special for staying at home during covid and these unmasked people are sitting awfully close together. SIX FEET BOYS, SIX FEET! Don’t make me get in there and separate you!

Also, side note, Jooheon is wearing a sweatshirt that says Jesus is King and Kanye West. Ummmm what?

Also, side-side note, KIIHHHHYYYYUUUUUUNNNNN. He has seriously worked his way up my bias list.

Eating Through Half The Menu With: NCT!

This was so much fun! I love these NCT boys and to see them hanging around, laughing, talking in English made me really happy.


Upside: I thought this was Ren biased which made me feel bad as I really do love all of them, however, turns out its kind of a talk show just he was a guest on. Guilt Alleviated.
Downside: Unsubbed.
Admission: Still watched a lot of it.

Perth Nakhun – Channel Intro

This is the guy who I still managed to find adorable even though he had that terrible fake neck tattoo in My Engineer. Swoon alert? HE SPEAKS ENGLISH IN AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT. And after watching this I’m totally going to subscribe to his channel.

Spoiler, I couldn’t resist and watched another of his videos where he teaches people hello, how are you, and thank you in Thai. He also speaks Japanese!

Kids Watch DPR’s Music Video With DPR

GAH THIS IS THE THING THAT MURDERED MY HEART! Its’ the most adorable thing evvvvver. It made me love DPR more, and the little boy in the thumbnail here? IS the cutest!!! I laughed every time they did the Zico dance. And when the video first started and his attention was stuck on the screen, open mouthed? That’s an awesome moment for everyone there.

Women Who Kill | FULL EPISODE | The New Detectives

Whoops! Who put that in there? Guess it can’t all be cute boys and drama clips!

Speaking of whoops, who put in another Nu’est/Ren video???

Nu’est Being Whipped For Ren

What can I say? I am also whipped for Ren


My new boss is distractingly sexy and demanding af | Clip from ‘Tiny Times’ starring Yang Mi

Idols being whipped for Vernon from Seventeen

I’d say I didn’t watch this whole 17-minute video, but I’d hate to lie to you. I also love the idea of Jimin having a thing for Vernon and Vernon being completely oblivious of it. This person makes a very good case for it and if we can’t trust a YouTube compilation video, who can we trust?

ALiENZ X KINGDOM l 킹덤, 피의 전쟁이 시작된다

Not sure how this popped up in my feed but it looked cool so it added onto watch later list. After watching it…eh…I wanted to like it more than I did. Primarily due to the camera work.

ATEEZ _ Say My Name | 인앤아웃댄스 | IN&OUT DANCE

SWOOOON This seems like the perfect place to end, doesn’t it? What a great video! I love the styling, the moves, and their energy. You can completely see why this group were winners right out of the box. I’m betting there are companies out there who wish some of their a-level groups had it together like ATEEZ does. I mean, biased or not, I would love to get their stylists working with some of my other favorite groups. When they did the suitcase march through the screen, I laughed, rewound, laughed, and rewound again. This is going to stay on my watch list so I won’t forget to watch it again.


Also, if you would like to see a Fanfic Saturday and see some of my favorite fanfic writers, let me know! I can’t decide if its weird or not.


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