Musical Monday – Busy, Busy, Busy

Posted by SaraG on June 15, 2020


I am anticipating a ton of great music in the next several months. I know that when I’m stuck at home for whatever reason, I tend to get productive. I write, I clean, I bake, or all the things. I can only assume, or better yet, hope, that when musical artists are stuck at home or in the dorm or wherever it is that they get socially distanced, they music. 

And I think we’re going to see some of the fruits of the past few months be released over the summer. I think we’re already starting to see it. When I wrote the post about Lucy a couple of weeks ago I talked about how I’d been rediscovering some bands that I’d enjoyed early on in their short history of work but kind of lost sight along the way. One of those groups is Hoppipolla (it means hopping around in puddles in Icelandic – how great is that??). They appeared on and won Superband 2019 and are made up of two vocalists – one who also plays the keys, a cellist, and a guitarist. The group made their debut in November of 2019 with the single About Time and have done a few little YouTube shows and things that I’ve enjoyed. 

About a month ago they released an EP called Spring to Spring which featured the title track Enough. The MV for the song is more a short art film than a classic video with all the feels of longing and nostalgia, sadness, and regret. This group does feeeeeeelings exceedingly well. Cello on the side of a lake in the middle of the woods well. 

Enough, Hoppipolla

Ha Hyunsang, after having debuted in 2018, put out an EP called The Edge on June 8 of this year with the title track Nostalgia. The song is more traditional pop – though very musical – than Enough and features rapper Rohann doing his thing halfway through the way most good Kpop songs do. Despite the name, the lyrics are hopeful, the music is upbeat, there’s guitar – because Ha Hyunsang always has guitar… because he plays guitar – and it’s danceable if there’s the right choreo. 

Why, you ask, did I move so quickly from Hoppipolla, a band, to Ha Hyunsang, a solo artist? 

The answer is super simple.

One of the things Ha Hyungang is well known for is winning Superband 2019 with his band Hoppipolla. For reals. He’s that good and he’s so industrious he put out two 5-6 track EPs and two big production music videos within a month of each other. I’m thinking he had some time on his hands and he filled it up quite nicely. 

Nostalgia, Ha Hyunsang (ft. Rohann)


  • Reply Alix June 15, 2020 at 11:31 am

    Well this explains why he keeps showing up in my Youtube feed after I started spending all my time listening to Lucy and Hoppipolla!

  • Reply Stephanie June 15, 2020 at 9:31 pm


    Like in my heart.

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